Vacuum pump manufacturers, water ring vacuum pump lube oil inspection method

by:J&T     2020-06-02

when the water ring vacuum pump speed suddenly slow down, the staff will use lubricating oil for lubrication, and can return to normal speed. However, the lubricating oil can also determines the water ring vacuum pump equipment. As a result, the following method to test the oil will teach you.

1, the oil flow survey method, which takes two cups, one containing to check the vacuum pump lubricant, another is empty on the table.

(2) will be filled with lubricating oil cup is 30 - desktop 30 centimeters, make its tilt, make the lubricating oil slowly into the empty cup.

3. Check the oil flow. The flow of high quality lubricating oil should be long and thin, uniform and straight. If oil flow, slow and fast, and sometimes there will be a large oil flow down, means that the lubricating oil has changed.

2, hand twist method (1) reverse vacuum pump lubricant between the thumb and forefinger, and repeatedly grinding, then feel the texture.

(2) between the fingers, if feel better lubricating oil lubrication, reducing the debris, no friction, and feel the larger friction ( Such as sand) , show many impurities in lubricating oil, therefore cannot be used again. Should the oil change.

(1) 3, lighting way in sunny days, tools to elevate lubricant and horizontal Angle of 45 degrees. To study the effect of oil droplets to sunlight.

(2) under the light, can see clearly didn't wear debris in lubricating oil, it is outstanding and sustainable. If too many abrasive debris, should replace the lubricant.

4, oil droplets tracking methods (1) with clean white filter, add a few drops of oil on the filter paper. Roots vacuum pump oil leak, if there is a black powder on the surface, and touch feel be blocked, suggests that the impurity in the lubricating oil has been cleared. A lot of.

(2) good lubricating oil without powder. Touch and lubrication to dry, and with yellow mark.

lubrication water ring vacuum pump, if it is found that there are impurities in the lubricant, you need to change in time new lubricants, lubricants with impurities will cause more wear and tear to the equipment. Damage, so every worker needs to have inspection method.

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