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by:J&T     2020-06-02

with the continuous development of science and technology, the use of water ring vacuum pump is higher and higher degree of automation, reduce the people work harder. This is closely connected with the development of the control system. With the constant improvement of the system and extend, have been used for many professional term.

1, the controlled object

the need to control the vacuum equipment or process known as the controlled object. For example, vacuum valve, vacuum pump, vacuum coating machine, vacuum heat treatment furnace, etc.

2, measuring devices

measuring device controlled quantity changes. For example, vacuum gauge, thermometer, film thickness measuring instrument, etc.

3, water ring vacuum pump control device ( Regulator)

it will measure device of controlled child with vacuum need to maintain a given value in the process of comparison, get the deviation, and a calculation is made according to the design calculation rules, and sends the signal to control actuator works to eliminate control volume and the deviation of a given value. Such as analog PID ( Proportional, integral, differential) Controller, digital PID regulator ( The micro controller, computer) And so on. In the vacuum degree of vacuum control, usually with the measuring device of vacuum gauge and actuator vacuum regulator combination to form a pressure controller.

4, actuator

it receives signals from the control device and control effect, in order to eliminate the controlled volume and the deviation of a given value. For example, used to regulate the control valve to the vacuum degree of vacuum chamber and used to adjust the heating temperature regulator belong to this type of organization.

5, control the number of

refers to the controlled object control within the required parameters. Such as pressure, temperature, flow rate, film thickness, etc.

6, water ring vacuum water pump measuring

the control quantity is measured by the measuring device of the actual value.

7, given value

the need to control quantity of constant or according to the predetermined value changes.

8, deviation

the difference between the measured value with the given value.

9, interference

is the factor of the change of the amount of control. : there are two types of interference is a kind of control system in each link of interference, known as internal interference; The other is a internal interference. The other is a system in the control system produced by the external interference, referred to as the external disturbance.

10, water ring vacuum pump feedback

will be sent back to the input output signal to increase or decrease the effect of the input is called feedback. Those who make more input signal is called positive feedback. Otherwise, they are called negative feedback. Negative feedback is usually used in automatic control system.

11, refers to the adjustment process control system (by external signal Default values or interference) After the original equilibrium state. Due to the effect of adjustment of the automatic control device, the control quantity to restore to the original state of equilibrium, or the process of transition to a new equilibrium.

12, position adjustment

refers to when the control volume deviates from the given value, the actuator to make the adjustment of the actuator is fully open or fully closed. As with the given pressure of upper and lower limits to adjust vacuum relay.

13, proportion adjustment

controller output signal proportional to the size of the deviation, so the position of the actuators and the deviation of the size of the corresponding. It can reduce the deviation, but cannot completely eliminate the deviation.

14, water ring vacuum pump PI regulating

controller output signal is proportional to the deviation not only, and is proportional to the time of deviation, so the actuator adjusted according to the proportion of deviation and integral law, theory of zero deviation.

15, pid adjustment

this is a comprehensive adjustment, combined with the proportion, integral and differential of the three laws of adjustment. Regulator of the output signal and the size of the deviation to deviation exists not only the length of time, and is associated with the rate of deviation change.

16, increasing the proportion of Kp Kp, to increase ratio can reduce the static error, but the stability of the system variation; Otherwise, can improve the stability of the system, but the static deviation get bigger. Usually use the proportion of the regulator magnification, the reciprocal of Kp 8, said called the proportion.

17, integral time T to show the strength of the integral regulation speed and adjustable parameters. In analog integrated controller, its value is equal to the regulator integral circuit time constant.

18, differential time Td

adjustable parameter, indicating controller in the strength of the differential pressure adjustment. In simulation difference voltage stabilizer, its value is equal to the difference voltage regulator circuit time constant. 19, stability,

refers to the end of the control system under the effect of interference transition process and achieve balance ability. After the elimination of interference, to restore the original balance state of the system is stable.

20, the steady state precision of water ring vacuum pumps

refers to the system is in equilibrium state, the control volume and the deviation of a given value ( The static deviation) 。

21, dynamic accuracy

to point to in under the action of a given signal system accuracy of change over time. In a fixed value system, dynamic accuracy is a bigger dynamic deviation in the process of transition.

22, automatic control system for

automatic control device and form an automatic control system of the object, and can make the controlled object according to predetermined rules, automatic vacuum process. Such as microcomputer control system.

water ring vacuum pump of the commonly used term for professional people in the field of great help. Usually, the company before buying the product should have some knowledge of general terms, to ensure that they can choose to suit their own products.

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