Vacuum pump manufacturers remind friction damage caused - the machine and material

by:J&T     2020-05-29

in a period of time the application of vacuum pump, speck vacuum pump manufacturers find machinery, equipment and material will cause friction, resulting in damaged a certain level of machinery and equipment, damage to the actual effect of application of the middle at the moment, must think of some way to reduce the occurrence of such damage, so, should adopt what method to reduce the friction between each other? For that matter, speck vacuum pump manufacturers subtotal vacuum pump to reduce friction and material approach, together with small make up take a look at it.

vacuum pump is refers to the use of machinery, physics, organic chemistry, or physics for vessels is pumped to vacuum and vacuum water pump components or equipment. Popularization, the vacuum water pump is to use a variety of ways in improving, and keep in an airtight vacuum pump equipment. Its common for metallurgical industry, chemical, food, electronic components of surface coating and other manufacturing industries.

contact actual situation and the long-term many years working experience in maintenance, speck vacuum pump manufacturers subtotal vacuum pump to reduce friction and material approach, key has the following five aspects:

general company in the case of conduct manufacturing application, based on the main parameters such as status of vacuum pump must be well adjusted, early and its application in the whole process, avoid friction materials and machinery and equipment, to ensure that all machinery and equipment in the middle of the normal application.

1, material if any in calcium bicarbonate and glass fiber filling masterbatch, can speed up the screw and barrel of the damage.

2, temperature, overall plan

1) each have an ideal molten overall planning, production and processing temperature should be manipulated cylinder production and processing temperature, the overall plan to make it close to the temperature.

(2) particle from the bin into the plastic tube, can arrive in feeding section, mainly in the feeding section will show partial dry friction, when the plastic is heated, to melt the uneven is very easy to form a cylinder lumen and expand screw surface damage.

(3) in the tighten and homogenization, chaos not divide evenly, assumption that the plastic melt will damage faster.

3, due to the material without melting symmetry, or dirt into the material of metal materials, suddenly turn the screw torque force, this kind of torque is more than the strength of the screw limit, make the screw twist. It is a vacuum pump a non-traditional accident damage.

4, speed ratio calibration shall be safe:

(1) as part of the plastic with enhancer, such as glass fiber, minerals, or other filler masterbatch. This chemical for stainless steel friction is usually much larger than molten plastic.

(2) when the plastic injection tooling, assume that using high speed than into it in the development of plastic shear stress, will also strengthen the relative to the onset of a large number of chemical fiber, torn torn chemical fiber with sharp at the end, the damage strength increased substantially.

3. Inorganic minerals in the metal surface of high speed sliding, the study effect is very big also. So the speed is not suitable for the too high.

5, turn the screw inside the barrel, friction material with both the screw and barrel of the work surface damage slowly:

1) screw diameter decrescent slowly, barrel of internal thread diameter increased slowly. That gap collaboration diameter of the screw and barrel, with both a little increase gradually and damage.

2. As a result of the barrel in front of the engine and the separation plate frictional resistance has not changed, it is promoted is flame retardant plastic material on the leakage of the total flow, namely material from the diameter of the air into the bearing material turnover.

(3) the actual effect to lower plastic machinery and equipment production, this kind of situation and make the materials in the barrel waiting time, dissolve of material. Assumption is high pressure polyethylene, the pathogenesis of dissolved hydrogen chloride gas increased erosion of screw and barrel.

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