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by:J&T     2020-05-29

vacuum pump as the vast majority of manufacturing manufacturing industry built for vacuum pump, pumping vacuum essential service facilities, machinery and equipment, but colleague's air compressor, vacuum pump in a running condition would have been to the relativity of mechanical failure. When there is high temperature vacuum pump, vacuum pump maintenance manufacturers how to deal with? In this article content, small make up for the vacuum pump of high difficulty, make relativity directly and explain for everybody.

vacuum pump is refers to the application of industrial equipment, physical and chemical analysis or physical method for vacuum packing containers is pumped for vacuum electronic devices or mechanical equipment. Easy to understand, the vacuum water pump is to use various methods to improve in a closed, cause and maintain the vacuum pump equipment.

vacuum pump manufacturers according to the different production manufacturing industry customer feedback, and combined with their own practical work experience, what are the important cause high temperature vacuum pump are summarized here, the following:

1, the speed of the fan water pump body itself than restricted due to the motor itself characteristics, far the limited level of the project design, low speed than the heat pipe heat dissipation can't follow, pump body temperature can not get effective link. Actual working frequency is too low or entered into a more particulate matter, thus heat pipe radiator expected effect are greatly reduced.

2, motor power is too large, lead to work in the CLP traffic expansion, and thermal power is big also.

3, vacuum pump motor belonging to the mother phase voltage is 380 v, due to the cable and conform to the uneven distribution of gas pressure, the motor is the working frequency is lower than 380 v, in order to ensure the constant power electric traffic expansion, thermal power.

4 motor, stick the dust, oil stains and other dirt, reduces the heat pipe heat dissipation effect.

when there is high temperature vacuum pump, vacuum water pump maintenance manufacturers how to deal with?

due to the motor power, rotational speed ratio is matching and vacuum pump, so it is can't change. Fan installed on the motor spindle bearing, motor speed than the management decisions of fan speed ratio, and hence can't change. Improve the fan leaf number can have certain effect, but leaves the original dynamic balancing device is solved, be sure to find a new dynamic equilibrium, and it is not easy to find a new dynamic equilibrium, if the dynamic balancing device is wrong, will lead to the obvious vibration of the machine. Thus generally choose the following methods:

1. Try to start from the improvement of the motor. (1) to adjust the quantity of heat pipe cooling fan leaves, (2) pay attention to ensure that in a fixed time for motor on the heat pipe cooling facilities in the removal of the machinery, equipment maintenance, thus to ensure that the motor and heat pipe heat dissipation can run smoothly.

2。 Will increase the original vacuum pump fan cover 40 cm, refitting a with fan cover inside diameter axial flow fan, axial flow fan motor power 850 w, the speed to 1489 r/min, the working frequency of 380 v. The original fan store again. The axial flow fan in power transformer control all the way, axial flow fan and the main motor without joining chain. Imported vacuum pump starts immediately start the axial flow fan running, vacuum pump to terminate management 30 min after termination of axial flow fan, the main motor to obtain abundant refrigeration.

3。 Remove dust on the vacuum pump motor on time, keep the motor radiator removed, to improve the heat pipe radiator professional ability.

4。 Adjust speck vacuum pump belonging to the mother phase voltage is 400 v.

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