Vacuum pump manufacturers: crack of cast iron parts of water ring vacuum pump failure

by:J&T     2020-07-02

water ring vacuum pump is used for vacuum water pump vacuum feeding machine. For a long time, when using the cast iron parts will burst, affect the normal use. The damage reason and repair method is described below.

1, the water ring vacuum pump relatively poor mechanical properties of cast iron parts. Due to the impact of uneven or frost crack force, they are easy to break. Before the repair, found the size and location of the crack.

2, for small crack defects, often use a simple kerosene test methods for judgment.

3, in the first place in the side of the suspect area chalk powder solution. After drying, on the other side with kerosene.

4, because the kerosene has penetrating ability of the small clearance, when the fine and small cracks to appear on the parts, through it, kerosene to soak white hard powder and change its color.

5, therefore, you can according to whether the chalk powder color and color shape and size to determine whether there are defects, as well as the shape and the location of the defects.

6, through the conventional welding method and epoxy resin method of crack repair parts.

in order to prevent the crack of cast iron parts of water ring vacuum pump or other fault, we must be in daily use to good maintenance and maintenance of equipment, in order to prolong the service life and improve the work efficiency of the equipment.

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