Vacuum pump manufacturer: summary - roots vacuum pump low-speed reasons

by:J&T     2020-06-02

here are the roots vacuum pump manufacturer for reasons led to the introduction of roots vacuum pump appear at low speed. When using the use of the roots vacuum pump, often using low-speed phenomenon. At this point, we need to find the right reason to make it work better. The following is a summary of the cause of roots vacuum pump at low speed.

1。 Artificial factors: due to the original motor damage, quite a few random user is equipped with a motor to drive the roots vacuum pump. Flow, therefore, smaller, lower to lift, even can't pump out the water.

2。 Mechanical failure impeller itself: between the impeller and pump shaft fastening nut loose or pump shaft bending deformation leading to excessive movement, the impeller and the pump body directly friction or bearing damage, all of which may reduce the roots vacuum pump speed;

3。 Belt wear: many large roots vacuum pump using belt conveyor, belt conveyor due to the use of long wear and loose, appear slip phenomenon, which reduces the SK vacuum pump speed;

4。 There is no record of engine maintenance: motor lose magnetism for winding burn. Maintenance during winding circle number, the change of the diameter of wire and cable method or during maintenance failed to completely eliminate factors will also change the speed of the roots vacuum pump.

5。 Improper installation: the center distance between the two pulleys are too small or two axis is not parallel, belt tension side installed on it, cause the Angle is too small, the two pulley diameter calculation error and roots vacuum pump coupling shaft drives the eccentric distance between the two axis will cause the roots vacuum pump speed are changing.

only we really understand timely solve the cause of the roots vacuum pump at low speed, find, method and ability, to avoid unnecessary trouble, pay attention to maintenance, to ensure that the work efficiency. Hope the above content will be helpful to you.

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