Vacuum pump manufacturer secret: automatic vacuum pump tripping such solution

by:J&T     2020-06-01

in short, the vacuum pump is a kind of can through a variety of ways to produce and maintain the vacuum in the narrow space of the device. If the vacuum pump operation is not normal, often fails. Every day using a vacuum pump, if you encounter a vacuum pump automatic trip? How to deal with this situation? Small make up will summarize vacuum pump for vacuum pump repair automatic tripping solutions, professional maintenance of vacuum pump factory will solve the problem for you. Hope to be of help.

if vacuum pump in automatic trip, the first reason should be to understand the cause of the vacuum pump tripping, and deal with the vacuum pump tripping fault, and troubleshooting for the trip.

vacuum pump manufacturer for vacuum water pump tripping explains the following reasons:

1. The motor load. Vacuum pump motor load, when the current is too high, if the electric control box set more than current, vacuum pump will be on their own and tripping tripping. At this point, the vacuum pump is normal, can jump up current protection cap in order to solve tripping phenomenon. However, considering the size of the rated current of the motor, and the actual current more than the rated current of the motor, are not allowed to use this method.

at this point, we must quickly find out the cause of the motor overload, in order to solve the problem. Over current of water ring vacuum pumps should consider, for example, if there is any foreign body into the pump chamber, which can lead to motor overload, and working fluid flow is not too big, can be adjusted accordingly. Vent the pressure is too big, whether tracheal road congestion, pressure is too high or too thin.

rotary-vane vacuum pump are not working fluid, the above problems can be ignored. However, rotary vane vacuum pumps need to refuel. At this point, it is necessary to consider whether or not the pump chamber of the vacuum pump oil was emulsified or whether foreign bodies from the air inlet into the. In addition, the most important thing is to check for leaks tracheal path, because of the rotary vane vacuum pump suitable for pumping seal system, and use the atmosphere can lead to motor overload.

if the roots vacuum pump and vacuum devices, the problem is relatively simple and clear, because everybody knows the roots vacuum pump booster pump is not used alone. It needs to be used with backing pump. If you do not reach a certain vacuum degree, the roots pump starts, motor overload, and trip immediately.

in addition, it is the basic problem. For example, if there are any sundries in the pipeline of pumping system, welding slag, small particles into the pump chamber, and vacuum water pump oil, roots water ring vacuum unit ( If you do not start and stop) To the corresponding order or under the condition of the power, water ring pump working fluid will be affected by the negative pressure, and return to the roots pump pump cavity, it will damage the vacuum pump oil performance, cause the roots pump overload. In the rated electric tripping.

2。 Vacuum pump stopped for a long time. If long time stop using vacuum pump, the motor load will lead to a temporary high current. At this point, the vacuum pump entrance close to the heat pump body.

3。 Vacuum pump motor is connected to the two phase power supply. Three-phase power supply is not activated, can open the vacuum pump of the three-phase power supply. If tripping operation or tripping about ten hours, you can adjust the current limit.

4。 Vacuum pump outlet suction foreign body or impurities, motor has been installed, the removable vacuum pump check whether there is internal fault.

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