Vacuum pump manufacturer on proper use of water ring vacuum pump cooling tower _

by:J&T     2020-06-01

as we all know, the water ring vacuum pump, generally used as the working fluid is water, the water in the discharge into the vacuum to achieve the purpose of, in the process of dealing with water drawn into water, because the wall hit send pump, impeller, described the act as plate because of the working fluid and vacuum to reduce the temperature rise to generate heat, if we are steady flow of water discharge in water ring pump suction of water will not produce this, but it is necessary in many cases, water or other systemic use workflow, then need to configure a cooling tower or condenser, make the pump work normally.

the cooling tower is a kind of heat sink, water dispersed in air conditioning or refrigeration, industrial waste heat evaporating device. To ensure that the use of the system's operation principle, he can drop down the temperature of the cooling water. Using this principle, we can solve the problem of water ring vacuum pump to reduce the temperature of the circulating fluid rise in vacuum. In our drain pump is opened and connected to the cooling tower of the pipeline, the cooling effect of cooling tower to reduce the temperature of the water, and then let the water into a storage tank or reservoir, water ring pump work in the continuous process can control the temperature of the circulating fluid, so as to solve the water ring pump circulation fluid temperature because of lower vacuum.

in the process of vacuum distillation or vacuum cooling, the temperature of the gas will cause pumping pump temperature rise, in order to reduce the vacuum pump, so we must be connected in the entrance of the water water pump condenser. Cooling condenser of the gas temperature is reduced, and then be inhaled into the water ring water pump, then it will solve the problem of due to reduce high temperature in a vacuum.

by the vacuum pump, vacuum pump system buffer tank, and the dust tank valve closed link channel. And a certain degree of the vacuum pump suction capacity of vacuum is selected as a key success of v-type method. Consumption to - 66500 pa vacuum ( - - - - - - 500毫米汞柱) The highest degree in general. Buffer tank is sealed container, its main function is stable vacuum pressure system, the system pressure shaping buffer, but also used to filter out the dirt. Dust collecting box; Sandbox by pouring molten iron on the back for a long time and sandbox filters are easy to be damage to formation damage, sand abrasion is sucked into vacuum forming, vacuum pump money into dust, best dust can link to the vacuum pump, to ensure that the service life of vacuum pump.

when choosing the vacuum extraction system, first of all, must be the capacity of the water ring vacuum pumps, mainly consider the following elements:

1, needs to work under vacuum at the same time, the size and number of the sand box;

2, at the same time, the number of mold casting;

3, pouring the size and shape;

4, close to the vapor permeability of film of casting appearance, it controls through the plastic film on the gap amount of air into the mold, so when pouring, casting coating helps to provide a 'auxiliary seal layer'.

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