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by:J&T     2020-06-01

vacuum pump is not common in our life, because it is used as a modern industrial and agricultural production, scientific research, national defense industry and equipment. Has each user concern that its use efficiency. If improve the efficiency of the use of vacuum pump, it means that the user's earnings will increase. But sometimes some factors will reduce its efficiency, what factors would cause this to happen? Next, the vacuum pump manufacturer to influence the efficiency of the vacuum pump is analyzed.

vacuum pump directly influences the efficiency of daily work schedule, and efficient natural soon.

vacuum water pump manufacturer to analyses the influence the efficiency of the vacuum pump use, can from the following factors into consideration:

1. Consider pipe loss

from each vacuum suction of gas flow in the pipeline, and lose a certain pipe. This pipe loss will lead to pressure and volume expansion. In the case of reasonable pipe size design, pipeline loss for 2 ~ 3 kpa ( High vacuum value small and low vacuum) 。

2。 Low-speed vacuum pump

because of efficiency and speed of vacuum pump is directly related to, so when high speed, air quantity and speed of pump cable sex, shaft power and speed are approximate quadratic relationship. When the speed increased by 10%, air volume has increased by 10%, but the shaft power increased about 20%. When choosing a vacuum pump, therefore, should as far as possible to use vacuum pump at low speed. When the impeller blade on the linear velocity is lower than 18 m/s, had better choose corresponding speed. At this point, the pump is usually more efficient.

3。 Temperature correction

vacuum pump working fluid due to various conditions is restricted, and the water temperature is high. With the calibration on the vacuum pump performance curve of working conditions, so you need to for correction of temperature and water temperature. When the air temperature is higher and the water temperature is lower, small amount of air is after correction, the selected pump will be smaller, or the selected pump would be larger. Usually, the air temperature of 45 ° C, the water temperature of 35 ° C is feasible. The calibration result is safe and reliable.

4。 Lack of cooling water supply, condenser heat, air flow noise will increase, the vacuum will reduce rapidly, even steam will return to pump the trachea. Condensed water plays a minor role in the vacuum pump. Condensate can completely condensing steam. Vacuum pump exhaust pressure of water vapor partial pressure must be higher than the corresponding plump vapor pressure, thus condensed water temperature must be lower than fullness. Under the pressure of the full temperature can ensure the normal operation of the water pump body.

5。 Nozzle is a key part of the influence function of vacuum pump. Have a question: the nozzle is not correct, bending, jams, damage, corrosion and leakage. No matter what preventive measures, the nozzle is inevitable. On the one hand, the installation steam pipeline, pipeline in the residual iron and slag will plug nozzle; On the other hand, when to disable the vacuum water pump system, steam pipe is easy to rust, and in the process of using rusty spot will drop and plug nozzle.

6。 Impact on the environment is mainly refers to pumping gas pollution to the system. In the process of molten steel processing, steel will discharge a lot of gas. Together, a few small particles, such as fine oxide powder will be drawn into a vacuum pump. These tiny particles will accumulate and adhesion on the pump body, thus reducing the trachea pumping flow channel, to extend the time of pumping, and reduce the pumping function of the pump.

vacuum pump manufacturers think, a very effective way to enhance the efficiency of the vacuum pump is for regular inspection and maintenance during normal use, and timely replacement of lubricant. If an exception occurs, please seek professional help immediately for repairs, and avoid maintenance itself. If it cannot solve the manual vacuum pump maintenance good time will be delay, and make it scrapped.

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