Vacuum pump manufacturer is there a way to repair spindle bending _

by:J&T     2020-06-01

spindle is used to support only under bending moment and not the rotation of the torque is part of the shaft, and is divided into fixed rotating spindle and spindle. Rotating spindle: bearing in the process of running under bending moment, axial rotation; Fixed mandrel, bearing in the process of running under bending moment, and the shaft has been fixed. For vacuum pump, the mandrel is one of the most important components affect the normal operation of pump. Then, for mandrel bending, vacuum pump repair manufacturers have to repair what method? What is the advantage of spindle?

vacuum pump maintenance company, points out that the advantage of the mandrel is mainly manifested in six aspects:

1. Spindle keep larger contact surface with holes, high positioning accuracy;

2。 Through the spring set of the elastic deformation of workpiece clamping, high positioning accuracy;

3。 The surface fit clearance affect positioning precision positioning;

4, using PASCAL's principle to make thin wall socket, elastic deformation and centering clamping workpiece positioning accuracy is high, the coaxial degree can reach 5 microns;

5, can reduce the clamping deformation of thin-walled workpiece, improve machining precision;

6, 0. 002 mm positioning interference, reached a very high positioning accuracy.

vacuum pump spindle repair is a common machining repair process, also known as direct axis process, this is the permanent vacuum water pump spindle winding current straightening. Vacuum pump rotor core rod bending is caused by stress, when the stress is greater than the vacuum water pump rotor core rod material elastic limit, can produce permanent bending deformation. Therefore, direct axis is essentially a rotor spindle bend stress to splash or offset the original stress method. For mandrel bending, vacuum pump repair factory what method to repair?

a lot of methods direct axis, vacuum pump manufacturer to tell you what kind of commonly used methods of direct axis are there.

1, local direct axis: the vacuum pump rotor parts up to prevent bumps, where bending the biggest local axial heating. In order to control the heating area, with good insulation round shaft, where local heating only on-demand open a hole the size of the heated parts. The heating temperature should not exceed 500 - 550 degrees, control within the tempering temperature of the material, or you will make a vacuum pump spindle overheat, metal organization change.

2, mechanical direct axis method: use twist rod cold to play. The vacuum pump rotor bending mandrel placed the most concave upward, protruding support. Twist rod close to the vacuum pump rotor spindle sunken into the position of the bend, with 1 - 2 kg heavy twist a hammer rod. Twist play maximize should be bent in the middle of the first move evenly on both sides along the circumference, twisting length for a third of each end circumference.

small make up for the vacuum pump axis calibration method, made a simple introduction, but here it is important to note, be sure to find a qualified professional manufacturer of vacuum water pump to the repair and maintenance, otherwise it may lead to the vacuum pump damage again.

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