Vacuum pump manufacturer introduces principle of preservation technology of vacuum precooling _

by:J&T     2020-06-02

with the continuous improvement of people's living standard, especially in recent years, the progress of planting technology and cooling technology, the popularity of greenhouse cultivation, and the development of transport capacity, people are not satisfied with the supply of vegetables and fruits, but their freshness and appearance. Taste also put forward higher requirements. Return to the truth, close to nature, the influence of the thought to fresh vegetables, green food and pure natural food demand is growing rapidly. All of these are for the production of vegetables and fruits, a new challenge to storage and transportation. For this new challenge, vacuum water pump manufacturers in preservation technology and its advantage sharing principle of vacuum precooling.

vacuum pump manufacturers to from the four aspects of vacuum precooling explain, why need to precooling and vacuum precooling, principle and characteristics.

a, what is the vacuum precooling

vacuum precooling refers to in the normal atmospheric pressure ( 101. 325 kpa) , evaporate water at 100 ℃, if the atmospheric pressure is 610 pa, water evaporation in 0 ℃, the boiling point of water as the reduce of environmental atmosphere. Boiling is quickly evaporate, can rapidly absorb heat. Fresh fruits and vegetables in the airtight container, quickly take out air and water vapour, with continuous reduce pressure, fruits and vegetables because of continuously, quickly evaporates water and cooling.

2, why need precooling

vegetable and fruit contain rich vitamin c, carotene, minerals and a variety of digestive enzymes, fruits and vegetables after harvest due to the effect of thermal field of the temperature is higher, and respiration of itself, the great changes in the composition at the same time, the heat released also constantly increased, the temperature rising. And high temperature prompted its respiration, continues to release heat, water evaporated, fruits, vegetables, shrinking fast, fresh degree is reduced, until it is rotten. Precooling was quickly ruled out in the field of hot, inhibit the respiration, keep the fresh degree of the fruits and vegetables, effective measures to prolong the storage period. Substitute precooling preservation at room temperature or conventional cold storage preservation way is to increase the high grade of fresh fruits and vegetables supply, improve the health level of the whole nation and the important guarantee of the quality of life.

3, the principle of vacuum precooling

vacuum precooling vacuum water pump manufacturers share fresh preserving technology principle of vacuum precooling water loss is in commonly 3%, won't cause Withers softly, loss of fresh fruits and vegetables. Due to the pressure difference inside and outside the organization of fruit and vegetable, harmful gases and heat within the organization has been pumped out, can delay step variant respiration peak arrival. So, under the condition of vacuum cooling, cooling from the organization to outside surface simultaneously, namely uniform cooling, it is unique in the vacuum cooling, any other cooling method is from the surface to organization 'penetration' slowly cooling, thus keeping fresh time is long.

4, the characteristics of vacuum precooling

manner. Long preservation time, do not need to into the cold storage can directly transport, and ZhongDuanTu transportation can need not insulated car;

⒉。 Fast cooling time, generally only 20 minutes, air flow and for all the packaging are available;

⒊。 Of fruits and vegetables original senses and quality ( Color, aroma, taste and nutrition) Keep the best;

⒋。 Can inhibit or kill bacteria and microorganisms;

⒌。 With the 'thin layer drying effect' - A little damage on the surface of the fruit and vegetable can get a 'cure' healing or will not continue to enlarge;

⒍。 No any pollution to the environment.

⒎。 Operation cost is low;

⒏。 Can prolong the shelf life of vacuum precooling leaf vegetables, without refrigeration can be directly into high-grade supermarket.

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