_ vacuum pump maintenance method

by:J&T     2020-05-29

must maintain the vacuum pump by appropriately trained technicians, to ensure that technical personnel familiar with the oil pump and system products. Must stop the pump before maintenance, reduce to a safe temperature, disconnect the pump and other components and circuits. In order to avoid accidents. After completion of maintenance, in before connecting the power supply to check the direction of rotation of the pump. If damaged, o-ring and gasket is recycled.

in the process of operation, the vacuum pump and the oil is contaminated with chemicals. Therefore, we should confirm whether pump clean and to take appropriate measures to prevent the harmful substances cause harm to personnel. After completion of maintenance, should check whether there is leakage, if any, should be sealed again. Please do not contact or inhalation of high temperature ( 260°C) The thermal degradation of the pump products, these products is very dangerous, including oil, grease and vacuum grease.

check before the vacuum water pump oil level:

if necessary, you can check the oil level when pump operation, but if you want to come on, you will need to disconnect front of vacuum pump and related components and power supply.

1。 Through the front of the vacuum pump is visible window and check whether the oil level is higher than the minimum limit is lower than the maximum limit.

2。 If the oil level equal to or less than the minimum limit, open the oil hole and cheer to the utmost. If add is too full, can be released from exports that point.

3。 If the oil pollution is serious, please discharge of contaminated oil and clean the pump, and add the clean oil.

replace front vacuum pump oil:

1. Open pump for 10 minutes, heat water pump oil, then the heat pump ( After heating oil can reduce its viscosity, it is easier to fall out) 。

2。 Disconnect the pump connected to circuit and vacuum system.

3。 Pull the plug from the fill hole.

4。 Put the right pump bracket ( Such as stools) , so that the tilt pump, and place a suitable container at the bottom of the drain. Remove the oil discharge mouth plug, let oil under the action of gravity flow into the container.

5。 When the oil pollution:

5. 1 remove the oil hole plug and pour into a clean oil.

5。 2 to reconnect and circuit connection and open the pump 5 - For 10 minutes.

5。 3 off pump and circuit connection, remove the oil discharge mouth plug, let oil flow out.

5。 4 repeat these steps until the cleaning pump.

6。 Inserted into the drain plug, remove the bracket, and then connect the pump to loop and vacuum system.

7。 Install the new oil until the oil level reaches MAX position.

8。 Wait for a few minutes, until the oil water pump into the pump. If necessary, come on, Need to close the pump) 。 Insert the oil-way plug.

check and clean the front of the vacuum pump inlet filter

1. Unscrewed the entrance to the adapter, remove 'O' ring, elastic ring and inlet filter.

2。 With the right solution inlet filter clean and dry inlet filter.

3。 Reinstall the inlet filter, elastic ring, 'O' ring and the entrance to the adapter.

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