Vacuum pump maintenance matters need to pay attention to _

by:J&T     2020-05-28

vacuum pump repair after 3 to 4 months, should be oil change. In the environment humidity high environment, should be appropriate to reduce oil change cycle. After replacement of oil can be clean before use and wetting.

oil change method is as follows: pump out of the system, with a clean piece of square plate connected to the discharge of oil below the hole, oil plug and drain plug, unscrewed the eduction dirty oil, intermittent operation of motor each vacuum small 4 to 6 times. All oil discharge in the room. Then each add clean vacuum pump oil to the exhaust pipe from 200 ~ 300 cc, intermittent start motor, each vacuum chamber clean again. , so after 2 to 3 times repeatedly washing, cleaning oil, oil plug, from go into the hole center go clean vacuum pump oil, the oil plug tightened to prevent leakage. After the oil temperature rise high in oil * good. Banning the use of kerosene, gasoline, alcohol and so on carries on the pump not remove cleaning; Usually pay special attention to keep the air inlet, check that the filter, to avoid dust and impurities into the pump, water pump oil pollution, and damage the vacuum chamber.

in the vacuum pump maintenance, you should pay attention to the following:

1. The pump manufacturing high precision and without disassembly. Vacuum water pump repair bad, lower precision. In this case, the maintenance staff should improve their technical strength. When the technical characteristic water pump deterioration, should be immediately repaired.

2。 During the period of maintenance, after vacuum pump out of the vacuum system, start pumping test. When determine must repair the pump, you can perform the following steps: remove the cover, remove the V belt and belt, exhaust cylinder, and loosen gland, each entry nozzle cleaning, the lid and seal chamber has been removed, the spindle has been removed, The chain doesn't have to be broken) Around, and then the stent was raised.

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