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by:J&T     2020-06-02
Vacuum pump maintenance and small maintenance knowledge

1. Check vacuum pump pipe and connector is loose.

2。 Join the bearing lubricating oil on the bearing body, observe the oil level should be in the center line of the mimeograph, lubricating oil should be timely replacement or supplement.

3。 Screw pump body under a vacuum pump water plug screw, pour water or slurry.

4。 Close the outlet pipe of gate valves and outlet pressure gauge and entry vacuum gauge.

5。 Open the machine. When the normal operation of vacuum pump, open the vacuum pump outlet pressure gauge and imports. After the display the appropriate pressure, and gradually open the gate to check the motor load.

6。 Try on the label instructions within the scope of the vacuum pump flow rate and promote control, to ensure that the vacuum pump running at maximum efficiency and maximum energy saving effect.

7。 During the running of the vacuum pump, bearing temperature should not exceed 35 ° C temperature, maximum temperature does not exceed 80 ° C.

8。 When the pump stop, first close the gate valve and pressure gauge, then stop the motor.

9。 During the first months of work, vacuum pump should be replaced within 100 hours, and then once every 500 hours.

10。 Regularly adjust the packing gland, to ensure the packing cavity drip is normal, is suitable for drop.

11。 Regularly check the wear condition of bushing, and replace when worn.

12。 On a cold winter when using the vacuum pump, parking, need to back off the bottom of the water pump body to open the media.

maintenance should be paid attention to when water ring vacuum pump?

water ring due to the vacuum pump for our production and life brought great convenience, we have to maintain it at ordinary times and regular maintenance. So how do we maintain the water ring vacuum water pump? So let's take a closer look at this problem.

if in the process of normal use in special circumstances, you can see whether there is abnormal sound, exhaust valve plate instead of exhaust valve plate. Broken, and then check whether the impeller is collision with the distribution. That should be noticed in running in water ring vacuum water pump in the normal bearing lubricating oil condition. If the bearing temperature more than normal temperature, the bearings should be lubricated.

in fact, there are many things need to pay attention to. I can only choose a few key points to talk about, hope to be able to use vacuum pump to bring help to you, we will discuss in a future article.

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