Vacuum pump liquid reason _

by:J&T     2020-05-31

why I can't afford the vacuum pump and liquid? As we all know, for a long time under the condition of using the vacuum pump will inevitably appear all sorts of fault, meet customer said in recent days can't vacuum pump the liquid, so today is to simply the reason from this aspect, the escort for vacuum water pump.

why can't vacuum pump the liquid and the solution:

1. No perfusion liquid. Solution: to fill liquid.

2。 Suction pipe, the pipe or vacuum pump port congestion. Solution: to eliminate clutter.

3。 No free gas in the suction pipe or vacuum pump. Solution: repair suction pipe net gas side by side.

4。 On the suction height exceed the permitted range. Solution: according to allow on the suction height according to vacuum water pump.

5。 Extrusion line is too thin, line loss is too big. Solution: in a suitable pressure out of the line.

6。 Use the head more than the design head. Solution: to choose a vacuum water pump.

7。 Conveying hot, volatile medium. Solution: reduce the installing or using suction flow backward.

8。 To reverse the, solution: correct.

the customer at the vacuum pump is the key to the liquid delivery pipe is too thin, cause the line loss is big, changed after a suitable piping engineer now normal use, the effect is good.

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