Vacuum pump leak problem how to solve the _

by:J&T     2020-05-29

when we use vacuum pump often have leakage problem, where exactly have lead to leak vacuum pump itself? What's the solution? Below small make up on this issue from a vacuum pump leak briefly analyse the! ! ! !

1, the seal leakage.

solution: check all the sealing parts seals, to replace the damaged seal.

2, the gas ballast valve gasket damaged or not.

solution: replace the washer and screw down the gas ballast valve.

3, exhaust valve damage, bad sealing.

solution: replace the valve.

4, diaphragm pressure in the vacuum pump is fashionable interference quantity greatly, the optimum vacuum pump cavity deformation and gas leakage,

solution: trim vacuum pump cavity or replacement.

5, and as a result of the vacuum pump oil seal bad fit into a flat.

solution: open end cover, check whether there is sundry or uneven, and for cleaning or repair.

6, turn the bullet frequency deformation or broken and rotary vane is ineffective.

solution: repair or replace the yellow sway, make the product rotary vane rotor with good.

7, air inlet filter blocked.

solution: remove the filter clean, pack up again.

8, caused by poor processing or wear fit clearance is too large.

solution: check, rotor, rotary vane vacuum water pump chamber, the fitting clearance between the end plate, the accuracy of pitch regulation requirements for repair or replacement.

9 friction heating, vacuum pump operation. Temperature is too high to make the vacuum pump oil thin and poor sealing.

solution: cooling water or use a fan cooling, at the same time, check the parts fit clearance and accuracy requirement for repair or replacement by the regulation.

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