Vacuum pump is used in the production of the energy-saving fluorescent lamp - imports

by:J&T     2020-05-17

everyone is enjoying the vacuum technology in modern society. Give the kettle heating, for example, in the bottle wall is the secret of a vacuum of space, it reduces the heat conduction in keeping the temperature inside the kettle. Fluorescent lamp, street lamps and auto lighting inside in the vacuum state, otherwise will not be able to shine. TV, computer monitor, etc. Also cannot leave a vacuum. In order to improve the lenses, camera and camera lens light transmittance, vacuum technology was applied to coated on the surface of optical film. In the production of energy-saving fluorescent lamps, the import vacuum degree of vacuum water pump will be important factors in determining the quality of tubes inside. Fluorescent lamp luminous principle and using imported vacuum pump application in fluorescent lamp and so on what are the theoretical basis.

fluorescent light-emitting principle

these two physical process including solid state light emitting radiation and phosphor of gas discharge. First of all, the filament must first in vacuum or rarefied gas emission electrons. These electrons under the action of accelerating field collide with gas atoms, causing the lamp in the argon gas and mercury atomic ionization or excitation, when mercury atoms return to its original steady state, it will be launched in the following form energy: ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet ( The spectrum for 253. 7毫米) Be inspired fluorescence. Powder, make the phosphor produces visible light.

energy-saving fluorescent lamp is a kind of low pressure gas discharge light source. With high luminous efficiency, energy saving effect is significant, good color rendering performance, compact and beautiful appearance, good decorative effect. At present, the common problem of domestic energy-saving fluorescent lamps are: (1) lamp life is not long, light attenuation; (2) luminous efficiency is not high; Among them, the big light attenuation and low luminous efficiency is mainly related to the quality of the phosphor in the tube. However, it has problems. Usually, it is related to the whole production process, especially the final exhaust specifications and filament decomposition ( Oxide cathode) 。 Related to the activation.

the importance of vacuum in energy-saving fluorescent lamp is the production of gas discharge light source will be a small amount of inert gas filling the tube, and in the light smoke to a certain degree of vacuum injection trace amounts of mercury. Therefore, the initial vacuum degree requirements easily ignored by people. Main research is how much gas filling, filling the what kind of gas, import vacuum pumps in the application of fluorescent lamp, the initial vacuum degree is very important for gas discharge lamp. Resources.

import vacuum water pump manufacturers will tell you how to improve the vacuum degree during bulb exhaust measures

1. To redesign and improve the vacuum exhaust system, the system of the traditional use of 6 to 7 a two-way piston changed to use only four tee piston, so as to minimize the leakage rate of the piston, and make it thicker supervisor shorten the channels of the entire system, significantly improved the exhaust rate and vacuum degree, and the operation more convenient. In addition, in the process of exhaust and inflatable, we consider minimizing corner lamp and system, to make the lamp in the effective exhaust time can achieve the highest degree of vacuum, and electrically charged gas as pure as possible. As far as possible.

2。 Waste gas treatment specification is also improved. In choosing the appropriate filaments have done a lot of work on decomposition activation specifications. In addition to advance clean filaments, the thickness of the electrophoresis carbonate, bright and clean degree and uniformity is improved. Strict rules.

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