Vacuum pump in the vacuum drainage system, the application of _

by:J&T     2020-05-31

vacuum pump station is mainly composed of vacuum collection tank, vacuum pump, sewage pump, and automatic control device.

vacuum collection tank used to ensure the vacuum and sewage collection, general tank bottom 1/3 of the space to collect sewage, the remaining two-thirds of the upper space is used to guarantee the vacuum. Vacuum collection tank and vacuum pipe connection, vacuum pipeline access is generally in the middle of the tank. Negative pressure in the tank has a vacuum pump. When negative pressure is lower than the lower limit, vacuum water pump open, when tank pressure to set the time limit, vacuum pump automatically stops. Between the vacuum pump can collect cans install a check valve, vacuum pump stop running, check valve automatically shut down, ensure the tank gas don't go back. In sewage pump also install the check valve, when the sewage pump stop running, check valve automatically shut down, to prevent sewage backup. Vacuum collecting top also install a relief valve to prevent vacuum pump or sewage pump work, tank pressure is too large.

vacuum station to seal test before use. In the use of the terminal under the condition of the valve closed, start the vacuum pump to negative pressure system - 70 kpa, 1 hour after negative pressure shall not exceed 10%.

the vacuum drainage system starts late in our country, is a new type of drainage system, is suitable for application in the basement and other places with special requirements for installation and health. Although the cost of 20% ~ 30% higher than the traditional way of drainage, but its in water saving, environmental protection and operation maintenance has very obvious advantages. Through constant practice and improvement, believes that the drainage system in the future will certainly be more and more green at Manila.

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