Vacuum pump in the vacuum coating equipment maintenance? _

by:J&T     2020-05-25

we all know that in the vacuum coating equipment must be used in vacuum pump, vacuum coating equipment in operation when it will produce some calories, if the weather is very hot, the temperature will rise, so the vacuum coating equipment also will increase the weight, in such a case, the following for our vacuum pump maintenance? Follow job below summarizes the five points, to learn together.

the first point, to prevent the vacuum water pump, or to avoid vacuum water pump is placed in the sun,

as far as possible let the vacuum pump in a cool place, on the vacuum pump should pay attention to not let the vacuum pump placed outdoor exposure in the sun, itself high vacuum pump temperature during work time, if it is difficult to heat, vacuum pump temperature will rise, and to achieve zero boundary temperature of the vacuum pump, mechanical failure will occur!

the second point, vacuum pump is in ventilated place,

the location of the vacuum pump are put to ventilation, or interior is equipped with cooling device can also be! Willing to also is same, just to let the vacuum pump cooling performance is better, the lower the temperature in the vacuum water pump work as much as possible.

the third point, vacuum pump supplies to timely replacement,

the main oil mist separator ( Exhaust filter) And oil, these two kinds of material must be timely replacement. Exhaust filters if any scrap or other quality problems when replacement, the first time appeared oil color change color, sediment increase, began to appear the phenomenon such as emulsifying can't just stay in the refueling and maintenance, all want to replace the vacuum pump oil.

fourth, vacuum pump for cleaning and maintenance,

before the hot weather in vacuum pump for a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance.

the fifth, to the vacuum pump for regular maintenance,

the above five is the job of vacuum pump in the vacuum coating equipment used in the maintenance of the matters needing attention, have more ideas to explore contact shenzhen heng mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD.

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