Vacuum pump in the electronic semiconductor industry? _ you know how to use

by:J&T     2020-05-31

electronic semiconductor industry speeds up, optoelectronic devices, electronic materials, tube, crystal, relay, laser, ion implantation device, ion etching machine, chemical vapor deposition equipment, physical vapor deposition equipment, molecular beam epitaxy device, integrated circuit packaging, like other semiconductor applications. Evaporation, sputtering, PECVD, technique of vacuum dry etching, vacuum suction, test equipment, and roaming machine, automatic vacuum cleaner in a vacuum, High vacuum) The laminating process, etc. ; Indoor vacuum ( Low vacuum) ; Vacuum ( Low vacuum) Part of vacuum pump and reflux in the vacuum space is zero, in order to protect the workpiece from pollution. Technical engineer team sharing electronic semiconductor industry applications.

a, according to the classification of

in a vacuum for the production of vacuum ( High vacuum)

1, is mainly composed of high vacuum by vacuum, to reduce the working space, the air in the clean working space, the main types used in the vacuum pump including dry ( Dry screw vacuum pump, claw pump) And their molecular pump unit.

technology, vacuum ( Coarse vacuum)

2, the main technology of negative pressure or vacuum pump, used to keep the workpiece handling, screw pump, claw type pumps, water pumps and dry pumps, rotary vane pump, screw pump.

vacuum cleaner ( Rough machining)

3, atmospheric pressure and vacuum suction to clear or conveying fluid or particles, so the application of mostly water ring pump and clean the main difference between the multistage centrifugal fan. Two,

depending on the type of vacuum pump earlier, pump vacuum pump in semiconductor addition, the main characteristic of high vacuum is commonly used, in order to meet the new industries, between rotary pump and the special requirements of the reciprocating pump as the main representative. Because they can't pump water vapor corrosion gas and condensate gas and easy to limit, but with the vacuum pump, in order to improve the production technology development, is advantageous to the cleaning; Safety; Wear; Low cost; Convenient maintenance; Stable performance; Little vibration, low noise of dry vacuum pump, the advantages of the semiconductor industry, in order to meet the technological requirements.

dry vacuum pump

1, rounded lobes, claw type, modular ( Roots + claw type) The screw. These types are widely different manufacturers use. Among them, described in the disc type, and modular claw ( Paw + root) Is called the multi-stage pump. Operating mode is essentially the same, then repeat the compression of the gas to create a multi-stage vacuum in vacuum chamber. Three,

according to the vacuum system vacuum system consists of vacuum pump sets, PLC control system, the process of the cylinder, vacuum pipelines, vacuum valves, the outside of the filter components, and other components of the vacuum system. The system is widely used in electronic industry, semiconductor optical light module, mechanical processing and other industries. Four,

vacuum system in the semiconductor industry electronic semiconductor industry need to vacuum system can be divided into three levels.

1, under the suction, air or clean air condition contains only discharge water vapor.

2, exhaust under mild conditions, the reaction gases other extraction methods, no solid particles.

3, the harsh conditions under the suction, pumping chemical reactants ( Toxicity and carcinogenic even) And solid particles.

5, the application of semiconductor vacuum pump safety matters

1, vacuum pump, to prevent overheating:

this is relatively easy to understand, the vacuum pump in the semiconductor, more harmful gas application, and two dry vacuum pump or mechanical pump seal, pump room temperature through high, explosive and toxic gas at high temperatures will there is a danger.

2, pay attention to the oxygen concentration in a vacuum:

the oxygen in air combustion and explosion danger may occur at high concentration. In some cases, it should be noted that the concentration of oxygen, dilution of inert gas, in order to prevent the concentration is too high; A mechanical pump seal may need some inert, and oxygen, vacuum pump oil compatibility, and replace the oil filter and oil hypothesis.

3, a semiconductor pump effectively fade the harmful gas concentration:

semiconductor easy to produce the explosive, toxic or harmful gases. Therefore, when the semiconductor vacuum is applied to extract these media must prevent some uncontrollable or vacuum water pump reaction in exhaust process. Such as SiH4, PH3, hydrogen arsenide, 2 H, 6 B substances, such as when contact with air or oxygen may cause explosion or burning; Hydrogen combustion can occur in the mixing ratio of air and temperature reached a certain level. The amount of pressure temperature relationship depends on the material and environment. Extraction medium during the use of inert gas, such as nitrogen. So the semiconductor pump, the gas is compressed under the condition of the time before the diluted to a safe range.

4, vacuum pump and other accessories, filters, tubes and avoid the overvoltage of regular cleaning:

during vacuum semiconductor application, through the extraction of the reaction chamber with vacuum pump medium, components can be used as the SiO 2 pump inlet formed SiH4 and O2, the hydrolysis of titanium tetrachloride will form HCI is extremely complex, for example. Assuming that oil seal mechanical pump, can these gas species and the occurrence of resistance to oil pump. These assumptions, change the form of particles or condensate of corrosive medium, or vacuum pump may pipeline system, affect the performance of the vacuum pump, which can lead to increased pressure or overpressure, slightly more risk above. Therefore, we need to clear in time, and set the filtering equipment when necessary.

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