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by:J&T     2020-05-31

today to introduce you to a case of a food factory, we did like the hunan food companies still have a lot of, like a small fish, duck neck this lot. One of hunan food co. , LTD. , mainly for leisure food customers with original is domestic oil rotary vane vacuum pumps, we provide the design of the three GHS730VSD + replace his original products.

contrast: energy consumption of a central vacuum system compared with the original vacuum system, can be energy-saving 30% - - - - - - 50%, in addition, still can save that need to be used to reduce temperature rise caused by oil rotary vane work needed for the air-conditioning electricity;

workshop environment contrast: the original oil rotary vane vacuum system are placed beside the packing machine, the outlet of oil mist on the workshop environment, worker health, food safety brought hidden trouble;

maintenance: oil rotary vane than oil screw maintenance more frequently, at the same time without any pretreatment, the powder packaged food and water will enter the water pump, the oil rotary vane and maintenance are more frequent, increase customer maintenance cost, artificial cost;

life: food packaging requirements vacuum degree in the 20 - 50 mbar, the demand is higher, rotary vane use commonly 3 - oil - - - - - - 5 years will need to be replaced, and the service life of the screw oil up to 20 years, reduces the customer repeat purchase cost.

use atlas of the product? Greatly reduce the customer the amount of equipment maintenance, no emissions in workshop, reduce the pollution of the workshop, can save 50% of energy consumption.

because of vacuum pump matching food packages installed so customers will not understand this we need to explain it in detail. Input costs are not too high. To ensure the normal production requirements. Can't appear the phenomenon of large area production. So to do a backup plan.

we atlas screw vacuum water pump is the most effective energy saving products, improve the workshop environment, reduce maintenance costs.

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