Vacuum pump how to safely operate? Vacuum pump safety guidelines - operation

by:J&T     2020-05-31

vacuum pump how to safely operate? Shenzhen heng to vacuum pump manufacturers today for you to share vacuum pump safety operation process.

01。 The preparing work before operation

first equipment should be placed in a horizontal, ventilated, dry place, will be pumping unit vacuum suction port and system connection is good, seal must be tight, should not have leak exists. Check the oil level in the vacuum pump and roots pump and the lubricating oil in the oil cup is in line with the requirements, connect the power cord and grounding line. Check whether there are other unsafe factors.

2。 Operating units start to run

on the main power switch, the power indicator; Will be in manual or automatic position control mode; Press the power button control, indicator ( Vacuum pump, booster water pump and abrupt stop button should be reset, control the power button won't be able to connect) , such as the power phase sequence error yellow indicator, commutation is needed. Will be connected to vacuum circuit breaker, vacuum pump control button, indicator, vacuum pump and vacuum pump operation.

according to the actual situation to adjust the time delay of booster pump ( Through the time relay, the adjusting range between 1 - 6 minutes) 。 The booster pump circuit breaker connected, booster water pump control button, the water pump light is lit, booster pump running at the same time. Well with oil level switch, when the well in vacuum pump oil or transformer oil on the control panel of buzzing will automatically alarm, at the same time closed system.

3。 Shutdown service

close high vacuum butterfly valve is a mechanical booster pump a closed vacuum pump a press stop button, control the power shut down a main power circuit breaker. When the control way by the knob switch to automatic position on the control panel, equipment will be controlled automatically by the vacuum relay preset control points and mechanical vacuum pump booster pump shutdown and startup.

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