Vacuum pump heating reason and solution _

by:J&T     2020-06-01

vacuum water pump in use after a period of time, there may be various problems, in this case we must not be ignored. Because it not only can reduce the service life of the vacuum water pump, and could be dangerous, such as our common vacuum pump heating problem.

1, the reason for the vacuum pump fever motor bearing damaged.

2, vacuum pump overload operation.

3, the blade in the vacuum pump is broken.

4, is a motor bearing damage.

5, the current lack of voltage.

6, vacuum pump oil, emulsification, already not cooling effect.

7, the exhaust gas in the vacuum pump of the filter for long-term use.

vacuum pump heating solution

1, close the outlet valve.

2, check out the common problems.

3, replace the bearing.

4, choose a stable voltage.

5, replace the pump oil.

6, replace the failure parts ( Exhaust filter, blade, etc. ) 。

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