Vacuum pump fault _ what maintenance method

by:J&T     2020-07-02
Vacuum water pump in the vacuum water pump to maintain what is failure? How to solve these vacuum pump failure.

usually, the fault can be divided into the operation and performance of vacuum pump failure. Operation fails may include not turning, pump temperature is too high, oil leakage, water leakage, temperature alarm, nitrogen gas alarm, time alarm and so on, the current alarm, etc. Faults may include extreme pressure performance and limit the impact pressure, pumping efficiency, noise, fuel injection, air performance, etc. , or may not conform to the requirements.

before explain vacuum pump failure and imported vacuum pump repair method, the first thing to remember the following four aspects.

1, the first thing to understand the type of pump, the characteristics and the current condition. To understand the requirements and fix the target were determined. Before the vacuum pump repair ready to test device.

2。 Determine the fault diagnosis and fault. Judge, can save trouble. Confirmation will be identified.

3, troubleshooting, remove must follow the correct disassembly method, using special tools must not be taken, to reduce the shortage of the special tools and new operation caused by the improper damage, reduce position change and run time.

4, poisonous and harmful corrosion pump, the user first told that vacuum pump maintenance personnel should do a good job security, to ensure the health of the maintenance personnel.

common faults vacuum pump and vacuum pump repair method

1. without turning. If the situation is unknown, is not to open the pump to avoid aggravating the fault. If manual test can rotate. If it can rotate, the pump body won't get stuck.

2。 High power exceeds bid. Inlet pressure is too high for a long time continuously, exhaust pressure is too high, sundry into bite, the pump temperature is too high, the rotor blades rotate the gap is too small, the voltage is too high, pump fluid return pump too much. Damage to the motor. Should avoid as far as possible close to the maximum power run continuously for a long time. If the surface sediments, please remove on a regular basis.

3。 Sand blasting. Sandblasting, have been spraying somewhere does not recommend should be paid attention to, and must be uniform, to avoid vacuum pump vacuum deviation by size deviation.

4。 Remove and remove, must according to the advice and instruction execution order, remember the location and reasonable place, so as to avoid dislocation.

5。 During the normal operation of vacuum pump, oil pump in the vacuum pump should be kept below the mimeograph line. When two-thirds of the fuel oil mirror, should with different levels and types of vacuum pump oil mix.

6。 Should be replaced periodically vacuum pump oil. In general, should be replaced every 3 to 6 months at a time. If it is found that the pump oil was emulsified or carbide, should change in time of special vacuum pump oil.

7。 If the vacuum pump needs to be run 24 hours, then you must every six months on the vacuum pump for the maintenance and repair.

vacuum pump maintenance for professional maintenance personnel, vacuum pump factory warranty, can contact manufacturer for repair under warranty.

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