Vacuum pump failure and maintenance method

by:J&T     2020-05-30

vacuum pump failure and maintenance method

1. Ultimate vacuum is not high and its eliminating

( 1) If the oil level is too low and the exhaust noise is big, you can add a clean vacuum pump oil.

( 2) Vacuum pump oil can be condensed steam contamination, can be purged or replace with new oil.

( 3) Vacuum pump used to connect piping, vessel, pipeline testing instruments, such as joint leakage. When a big leakage, will have plenty of exhaust noise, will exhaust vent. Part of the leakage should be found and eliminated.

( 4) If the inlet nozzle air or ballast valve rubber seal diagram of improper assembly, aging or damage, should be adjusted or replaced.

( 5) If into the oil hole nozzle clogging, you can pull out into the nozzle dredge oil hole.

( 6) The vacuum system of the severe pollution include container, piping, etc. Should be cleaned.

( 7) Spring break, should be replaced.

( 8) If the rotor, pump body and pump cover wear and clearance is too large, inspection, repair or replacement.

( 9) If the pump temperature is exorbitant, should improve the ventilation and cooling. If pumping gas temperature is too high, it should be before pumping into the cooling.

2。 Injection

( 1) If the oil level is too high, the excess oil can be pumped into and pump out.

( 2) Should remove the pump oil mist eliminator or clutter.

3。 Vacuum leak

drain plug, tank gasket damage or improper assembly, screw;

the oil mark is not tight, organic glass and deformation due to overheating.

the connection between the pump body parts and support gasket without proper filling.

oil seal assembly improper or wear; Should adjust or replace.

4。 Vacuum unit noise

( 1) Spring break, can be replaced.

( 2) If you have burrs, dirt or deformation, interfere with the operation, should check the grinding and cleaning.

( 3) Bearing wear, wear parts. Should repair or replacement.

( 4) If there is something wrong with the motor, should be checked.

5。 Vacuum oil return

( 1) Check valves are not closed correctly. After the pump stop, oil level will drops rapidly. Can open again and stopped to observe the change or remove the check.

( 2) If improper assembly or wear and tear, internal oil seal can be replaced two water pump cover.

( 3) The pump cover or the pump body plane, can repair.

( 4) The exhaust valve damage, should be replaced.

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