Vacuum pump factory, rotary vane vacuum pumps - what are the characteristics

by:J&T     2020-06-02

rotary vane vacuum pump is a kind of variable displacement mechanical vacuum pump, which USES the rotation of the rotor motion and sliding vane in the rotor slot for vacuum. When the death of the working fluid used for lubrication and filling pump chamber space to separate the exhaust valve and the atmosphere, it is often referred to as oil seal rotary vane vacuum pump. Rotary vane vacuum pump is connected directly or use the pump and motor coupling of rotary-vane vacuum pump directly. Each water pump has a single stage and double stage.

in single pump, due to different forms of structure and parameters, the limit of pump pressure and use is different. Rotary vane vacuum pump is widely used and continuous improvement. In terms of pump structure, to prevent the oil return when the pump stop, some set to have the check valve that can automatically cut off oil, some have inlet valve set, some Settings have oil pump and control structure, in order to automatically cut off when the operation of the pump suddenly cut off the air passages to keep pump port in the vacuum state.

in the attachment, the scents of demister, filter, to prevent broken glass, dust and other sundry filtering, steam condensate trap, chemical trap and is used to control the temperature of water pump in order to improve the water vapor extraction yield and protection of the temperature control water valve of the pump. Speaking of rotary-vane vacuum pump are, in fact, a lot of people are familiar with, probably because of its variety, are widely distributed. Rotary vane vacuum pump, vacuum pump is usually dry screw vacuum pump.

water ring vacuum pump, reciprocating vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump type, etc. With the development of science and technology, the scope of the central vacuum pump used more and more widely. Rotary-vane vacuum pump using eccentric rotor driven blade, in the pump chamber volume change different internal pressure to change. Rotary vane vacuum pump is currently in use is the most widely used vacuum water pump, and rotary vane vacuum pump work another auxiliary product the function of the vacuum pump oil is also important. If rotary-vane vacuum pump oil is a kind of poor quality or impurities mixed in products, it will flow with scratches and corrosion inside the pump body, and damage the vacuum pump.

only constant mechanical vacuum pump factory main products are 2 bv, V, VG, VI, VZ,. vn, LRP series water ring vacuum pump, X, GVD (gnu visual debugger) series rotary vane vacuum pump, what ZJ had roots vacuum pump series, GXS, DHS, VSD, GHS series screw vacuum pump, DZS series claw pump, the central vacuum system, etc. The company acting with atlas. Manufacturing ( 阿特拉斯) , times g speck products. Constant to mechanical and electrical vacuum pump manufacturer with many years of production experience, first-class technical staff, perfect after-sales channels to make the product quality stable and reliable for many years. Constant to mechanical and electrical manufacturers expect to cooperate with every colleague, more knowledge of vacuum pump please continue to pay attention to our constant mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. Contact phone number - 400 8625533, mobile phone 13928410990.

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