Vacuum pump daily maintenance problems - easily

by:J&T     2020-05-30

a, when the normal operation of vacuum water pump and use every three days to check the following content:

a, oil pump in the range of the cursor.

b。 oil is yellow, black, turbidity.

c。 Whether there is abnormal sound.

d。 Whether the oil vacuum pump run time.

2, if vacuum pump filter wire mesh, should open once a week, to clean and filter the impurities. If the mesh cannot catch impurities, change the filters and gaskets.

3, equipment regular maintenance attention to water pump oil pump with dysfunctional, so need to know by oil window smudgy degree and viscosity, and timely replacement of oil pump. oil change cycle: once every six months to replace oil and clean. Oil pump replacement steps are as follows:

a, open the pump suction pipe, start work after 5 seconds. in the rest of the oil pump can be easily removed.

b, first remove the exhaust pipe, and then open the valve, and then poured oil pump.

c, close the drain valve and inject new vacuum pump oil through the oil port.

d, if the pump oil pollution is severe, you must add some new oil water pump, through a few minutes to clean it, if a cleaning does not reach the designated position, must be rinsed several times over.

e, change new oil pump, the pump is up and running, and after the temperature rise, confirm the limit of vacuum pressure.

f, maintenance period should be clean strainer.

4, operating instructions

a, can produce high temperature in the process of vacuum pump in the long run, 40 - 80 degrees) 。 Therefore, in the motor and pump body stops running after cooling to normal temperature or before, can't contact surface.

b, working in an emergency, the total power is turned off, the warranty to solve immediately.

c, such as abnormal, it should be stopped immediately, the liquid is forbidden, continuous work in spite of illness.

d, the maintenance personnel are strictly forbidden to remove the vacuum pump factory original parts.

e, cloth and cloth to maintain and repair equipment should be placed centrally in the specified pile position, in order to prevent the pump with sundry into.

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