Vacuum pump apply - under what criteria

by:J&T     2020-06-01

a lot of customers on the application of the vacuum pump standards do not understand, often leads to the destruction of the vacuum water pump as vacuum pump under what criteria is the most suitable application? Small make up to share the following today, look forward to we have certain help.

1, vacuum pump selection should be based on customer actual processing process to select, such as the height of the vacuum value, the size of the vacuum speed, such as the choice of power supply voltage is suitable.

2, vacuum pump to clean up and change the oil in time. Especially in for spin built-in vacuum pump, to application of gasoline cleaning or straight-run gasoline, after washing the parts should be wiped, drying or use the hair dryer to dry. Oil change to choose 100 # or # 1 clean vacuum pump oil, if use other oil alternative will be serious damage to the vacuum value, vacuum water pump should be placed in clean and dry bath area.

3, vacuum pump, connecting pipeline system software with the customer to be short, thick, try to avoid bend. If you have bent pipe, all connectors shall be of rigid sealing, to ensure that it is not easy to leakage.

4, vacuum pump of the smoke gas temperature also has a certain limit, the water ring vacuum pump is pumping gas temperature is higher than 40 ℃, should add gas refrigeration equipment. Contain liquid, should add cold suspected clearing damp device. As is pumped with corrosion or chemical changes with the oil and gas to solve various choosing the material of vacuum pump.

5, open before the pump should be check the motor rotation direction is appropriate, built-in vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump inspection way, and to examine whether air intake system, remaining oil is moderate.

6, the CPC temperature shall not exceed 75 ℃, vacuum pump in operation, also can not have a lot of noise and vibration, otherwise should be shutdown maintenance.

7, when the pump is going to stop, should first turn off the connection of the ultrafiltration device gate, and open the discharge valve, prevent oil pump was sucked into the ultrafiltration device, then disconnect the motor switch power supply.

overall, vacuum pump could not only related with vacuum pump itself quality, must also be in accordance with the provisions of the vacuum water pump manufacturers require user tight to apply, cannot be permitted to tear open outfit under the condition of not clear or run the pump.

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