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by:J&T     2020-05-25

as the name implies, vacuum unit is not composed of a single device. It is composed of the roots vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump. In addition to complete industrial smoke can qigong, also can realize the function of vacuum cooling.

when vacuum unit used for vacuum precooler, vacuum degree and high pumping speed, so when the choice must be matched according to actual situation. Vacuum unit in the process of cooked meat is used as the vacuum precooler. Described as follows: 1/3 of the cooked meat to be included in the cubic reaction kettle, the temperature of the cooked meat is about 90 ° C. Cooked meat temperature down to about 20 ° C, the time required for 30 minutes, and every 30 minutes in a state of vacuum negative pressure evaporation of water vapor is 20 kg.

due to molecular pump, high pressure resistance, easy to make the backing pump in the flow of high status. Molecular pump with high suction pressure reduces the burden of backing pump, pump. Molecular pump can - in 100 Work under 50 pa. From the atmosphere to the pressure of the water pump before basically follows the law, namely the pressure each over a period of time will drop an order of magnitude. As a result, the unit can have high pumping efficiency. Simplify and eliminate high vacuum device roots pump is another advantage of molecular pump.

for larger high vacuum application equipment, can strengthen the backing pump of appropriate advance pumping ability, inhaling to further shorten the time. Due to the advance pumping time compared with the whole process of exhaust is very short, so the application of the former stage pump is also very long time. Short, so it can be used as many sets of equipment, pump, which is often very realistic.

vacuum pump oil in the air, Or oxygen) And the presence of metal catalysts, under a certain temperature, oxidation time will show oil acid value, viscosity changes, and the formation of sediment. Oxidation will happen using this method, thus will gradually form some aldehyde, ketone, acid and gum, asphalt and other materials. Oxidation stability is to restrain the unfavorable to oil used in the performance of the material.

vacuum unit of vacuum cooling effect mainly through the role of catalyst to cool down the product within a specified time to the appropriate storage temperature. When the equipment of refrigeration capacity is insufficient, can improve the refrigeration capacity by strengthening the backing water pump.

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