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by:J&T     2020-06-04

vacuum packing is another way to prolong the shelf life. Here, the product is placed in a sealed packaging, using vacuum pump suction power the air sucked out, and is packing seal. Products by removing the surrounding air, the packing of the oxygen levels drop, hindered the oxygen microorganism growth and the ability to destroy the product. Oxygen is also reduced oxidation caused by corruption, for example, Browning of apples and bananas.

however, a certain amount of oxygen will retain, because it is impossible to produce a complete vacuum. Under normal atmospheric pressure, the air oxygen - containing about 21% 1000 millibars. When the air in the process of vacuum packaging, packaging of the pressure is reduced.

, for example, if the pressure drops to 100 millibars, will retain the equivalent of about 2. 1% of the oxygen. If reduced to 10 millibars, there is still a zero. 21% of the oxygen storage.

is more effective than gas packaging vacuum packing? Vacuum water pump manufacturer's engineers think, in most cases, this is a 'circus' - — It depends on the product packaging.

vacuum packaging is a more common than vacuum packaging process. Vacuum packing is essentially a 'one size fits all' technology - — It completely depends on the removal of air. MAP, on the other hand, can adapt to a specific food. Using different gas in the mixture and different proportions of gas, so the shelf life of a specific product, the longest and maintain quality and appearance of the products.

, for example, for packaging good seafood, carbon dioxide and oxygen in proportion to the improvement in the air may be depending on the type of fish: compared with the like shrimp, oily fish benefit from different air. Red meat, for example, the gas mixture of gas mixture is different from bread

compared with vacuum packaging, product display is one of the most popular areas. In vacuum packing, fall, when the pressure in the packaging, packaging material shrinkage and tightly around the product formation. For some products, such as fresh meat, it will distort the appearance of the product. Other products such as cheese, not suitable for vacuum packing, because of the packing material to product pressure will lead to deformation and loss of important features.

the difference between the two methods of water ring vacuum pump company engineers can easily control the quality of the packaging process. In gas packaging, air vent, from packaging and gas mixture instead of to in the process of packaging can be continuous monitoring of gas content in the packaging. Once the package was sealed and can detect any revised air leak, in order to ensure the integrity of the seal. For vacuum packing, due to no gas in the packing, leakage test usually by manual inspection, which made the quality control is not so simple.

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