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by:J&T     2020-06-04

【 Principle of vacuum molding machine 】

vacuum molding machine is various specifications and types of suction plastic molding machinery and equipment, in which a machine is vacuum pump is very important. Rotary vane vacuum pumps can ensure that the plastic film or plastic accurately according to the grinding tool and molding. At this stage in the food, drink, candy, stationery, hardware tools, daily necessities, chemical products manufacturing process that the aim of vacuum pump must be used to do suck plastic molding, to put it bluntly vacuum molding machine, the principle of the facilities vacuum pump application. Vacuum molding machine sales market is very big, many vacuum pump manufacturers are vigorously promoting the vacuum suction plastic industry. But choose the sales market sale facilities suction molding machine vacuum pump various quality is uneven residual, boasting, respectively. As a customer, how you for vacuum molding machine how to choose appropriate rotary-vane vacuum pump? First see the main parameter, two parameter values as a reference to the following:

1: the vacuum degree, namely vacuum degree is a kind of expression method, thin air of the level of general with Mr Pa, Mba millibars, mmHgmmHg expression, in back after molding, products, product bubble, mostly due to the vacuum degree of regulation, the status of the product defects caused by. Relativity in the concave groove deep products, vacuum degree is relatively high.

2: see traffic: refers to the unit time through the closed pipeline vacuum pump suction as well as the amount of fluid mechanics or reasonable cutter body, common M3 / H, L/S, L/Min, vacuum water pump total flow is one of the key considerations adsorption force, selects people should pay attention to when vacuum pump, product specifications, bao hou to calculate him for an hour, or a minute, how many must be pumping gas, as to how the clear flow of vacuum pump.

【 Vacuum molding machine vacuum pump common problem at ordinary times 】

in the whole process of vacuum blister, general situation is caused by particles is chemicals or dust, in view of the vacuum pump, if the chemical into the vacuum pump will cause harm to the vacuum degree of vacuum pump and pump efficiency, so in the whole process of vacuum suction plastic pipe connection to add a storage tank and the filter, it can all reasonable maintenance of the vacuum pump in normal work. If required by the vacuum degree is not high to choose water ring vacuum pump, if the vacuum degree is relatively high can pick stipulated in the reciprocating pump or rotary vane pump, in the case of the rotary vane pump to often view to check the status of the vacuum pump oil, should pay attention to whether become turbid, whether by emulsion whiten the skin, such as found that vacuum pump oil has a certain amount of mildew must immediately changing a vacuum pump oil, it can ensure the normal work of all vacuum pump.

in recent years, along with the environment economy downward, and the vacuum technology is also gradually perfect, according to quality, cost-effective, mutatis mutandis, speck of German brand vacuum pump, it is very suitable, vacuum suction machine have many customers will also consider the German brand speck vacuum pump, due to the high cost performance is relatively high.

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