Vacuum feeding machine vacuum pump spray solution - commonly used fault

by:J&T     2020-06-04

in our daily use of the pneumatic vacuum feeding machine, we often meet with such problems. Pneumatic vacuum feeding machine is used for transmission of two different materials, they can be the height of the conveyor is different. For a material, that is to say, the equipment can be transported to the height of the specified, but not by changing the material to achieve the same height. This is what we need to consider. There is something wrong with the vacuum feeding machine? We answer for you, the answer is not necessarily the right answer.

the problem the main reason is that the density of material delivery and the relationship between the lift. Pneumatic vacuum feeder conveying material density, the greater the lift force is larger. Configuration of the vacuum degree of vacuum pump must also improve accordingly. We usually use the type of vacuum pump for the following three kinds: water recycling vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump and vacuum generator. Pneumatic vacuum feeder is a kind of custom powder conveying equipment, when buy, therefore, we must communicate with manufacturers in order to understand each other's working condition parameters and powder. Powder is the main parameter: the proportion of ( Density) , liquidity, conveying distance, conveying height, water content, suction forms, etc.

after long time use pneumatic vacuum feeding machine, some customers will meet vacuum water pump spray phenomenon in vacuum feeding machine. When we encounter this kind of failure, we can take the following measures for maintenance:

1, vacuum pump outlet of the powder in the powder spray or tank

root cause analysis: filter damage due to long-term use; Feed time and feed time set unreasonable, feeding time is too long, bin saturated, filter squeeze. To the time is too short to clean materials every time. The filter is easy to damage.

we offer a solution is to replace the sealing ring.

2, clean the filter powder

root cause analysis: pneumatic vacuum feeder after blowing airbag jet high pressure air in a short time, if the sealing is not good, will form powder.

we offer a solution is to replace the sealing ring. This can increase the vacuum water pump seal to prevent leakage. If you need the vacuum water pump vacuum feeding machine vacuum pump, please contact our customer service below.

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