Vacuum drying you understand it

by:J&T     2020-06-03

in the process of vacuum drying, to dry the material placed in airtight drying chamber, and use the vacuum system of continuous heating to dry the material, in order to make the material internal moisture by differential pressure or pressure diffusion to the surface. Concentration difference, water molecules on the surface material. After the mutual attraction between the molecules, gain enough momentum to escape the low pressure of the vacuum chamber space, so as to be vacuum water pump. Vacuum drying is helpful to recovery of useful and harmful materials, and provide a good seal. In the sense of environmental protection, someone called vacuum drying dry 'green'.

under the condition of vacuum, the boiling point of water, reduce the material and speed up the evaporation process, so it is especially suitable for sensitive to temperature and material easy to decompose. Vacuum drying is mainly in the low vacuum area. In the process of evaporation, grain of boiling evaporation temperature is proportional to the ambient pressure. Keep high moisture grain within closed drying cylinder to form a drying cylinder and keep a certain vacuum degree. At the same time, the grain in the drying cylinder is continuous heating. Grain internal moisture diffusion to the surface by pressure difference, and evaporation, and then walk by a specific vacuum pump, with continuous dehydration and drying in vacuum low temperature state of high moisture grain.

vacuum drying of water boiling evaporation temperature reduced from 100 ° C to 40 ° C below. Due to the evaporation temperature is lower than the starch gelatinization temperature, so as not to produce grain damage. Avoid the expansion of the grain and burst, can guarantee the product quality after drying of grain. It can ensure that the original color after drying, fragrance, taste, nutrition and quality of basic remain unchanged. This is in the true sense of low temperature drying, and usually the low temperature of hot air drying is completely different.

vacuum freeze drying technology is frozen material first, and then heated in vacuum, ice sublimation to dry in the end. The heating method is used by the infrared heating, microwave heating, etc. , and the need to provide rapid sublimation heat to the ice, and won't make the product surface is affected by the damage. Vacuum freeze drying technology can keep the original color of the product, aroma, taste, shape and nutrition, especially dry heat-sensitive materials. This is a promising method of production of green food.

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