Vacuum drying oven water ring vacuum pump impeller damage -

by:J&T     2020-06-03

water ring vacuum pump is usually used in vacuum drying chamber, its inner consists of multiple parts, which is a very important part of the impeller. Therefore, when the equipment damage, means that equipment there is a big problem. Here is an impeller damage types are briefly introduced.

1, water ring vacuum pump blade crack. Usually occurs in the root. Most of them are fatigue cracks, some is the result of the casting crack, because the size of the blade and hub difference is very big.

2。 Solution: should replace the damaged impeller, lest caused by blade fracture accident.

2, water ring vacuum pump blade wear

1. Impeller due to the corrosive gas and liquid delivery, corrosion or solid impurities in liquid ring with friction or cavitation damage on the surface of the impeller.

2。 Solution:

( 1) It should be replaced in a timely manner. If it is damaged, but not seriously damaged, you can use to repair welding repair.

( 2) During the period of repair welding, the impeller can be heated to 600 ° C, and then carries on the repair welding.

( 3) After repair welding torch size increases, it is necessary to use rasp leaf or lathe to turn the original size, otherwise it will affect the original performance.

3, water ring vacuum water pump vane damage

1, because there are solid stuck in the pump, such as metal, gravel, etc. The impeller rotates, the stress concentration of the impact blade root solid piece or the solid gets stuck, lead to broken blade, and caused a small cavity pump air and liquid pressure fatigue damage.

2. Solution:

timely replace damaged vane impeller, find out the reasons and take corresponding measures. If the impeller due to insufficient strength is damaged, the leaf number may increase.

need to be done in a vacuum drying oven drying operation, so the first using a variety of water ring vacuum water pump. In order to keep the equipment working efficiency, should have equipment maintenance work, and regularly check the internal parts is damaged, and timely solve.

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