Vacuum drying machine of water ring vacuum pump pump operation - open

by:J&T     2020-06-03

vacuum drier water ring vacuum pump must be started before normal use. Only after open pump, machinery and equipment can continue to work normally. Use it, must master certain skills. The opening of the water pump operation can make the machine run smoothly and steadily to introduce the following correct operation of the pump.

a water ring pump pump, vacuum drying machine ready to

1, confirm the installed vacuum gauge and outlet steam at the entrance of the pump The pressure gauge on the water separator. In the steam - Water separator, drain valve and liquid level gauge on the use of vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, pneumatic automatic filling water. The exhaust valve closed at the bottom of the water separator; Please contact the electrician and assembler, to confirm the rotary motor in accordance with the rotation of the pump, and ensure the use of tools, Wrench, auscultation, rags, oil pot) Complete, and electrostatic grounding of pump is in good condition. of anchor bolt looseness, circulating cooling water of the cooler is used to confirm that the water was clear. Slowly open the pump outlet valve to open the third valve position, the crank and check whether the flange leakage.

2, unit water injection could ring vacuum pump type belongs to the closed loop system. Through the water in the cooling water segregator, the system of supplementary water injection pump body again. Before open the water pump, please open the water injection valve of the water separator, the water injection pump in the body. Three after we see the water drain plug and tighten the drain plug and close the steam Water separator water injection valve, in order to stop the pump body with water, in order to make the water in the pump was located above the location of the drain plug.

2, water ring vacuum pump water pump operation

1, the valve on the trachea closed path, open the water gate, and supply water to the water ring vacuum pump. When the liquid flows of automatic drain valve, please close the entrance gate valve and open the motor.

2, open the inlet gate valve.

3, when there is no water flows out from the automatic drain valves, start the motor, and then running water ring vacuum pump. At the same time, open water gate, to fill the vacuum pressure gauge pointer is close to 0 mpa ( No vacuum gauge pressure for) 。 As the water ring vacuum pump suction absolute pressure is reduced, pointer will be moved to a negative value ( Reading in the 0 to - 0. 003 mpa) ( Creates a vacuum) 。

4, if inhaled inflammable, explosive, toxic or recycle gas, please adjust the sealing liquid level of circular gas water separator, the liquid level in the middle of the liquid level meter, in order to prevent gas leakage. Three, adjustment

1, start, after the confirmation and adjustment, confirm the pump flow rate, pressure stability, normal pump vibration is normal, confirm the bearing box outside temperature is not more than 70 ° C, make sure no leak, confirm whether the cooling water temperature and pressure is normal, and confirm the motor current is normal, and confirm the motor vibration noise is normal.

outlined above to open the vacuum pump operation. I hope everyone can master it. The operation of the machine not only pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance work, but also pay attention to the operation of the pump.

water ring vacuum pump manufacturers only constant mechanical and electrical in order to make everyone can make better use of the machine, we will continue to update the knowledge content of vacuum pump, hope everyone likes us.

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