Vacuum distillation using what kind of vacuum pump is _

by:J&T     2020-05-26

the refined process of liquid products, the last step is often a distillation process. Its purpose is: to keep the product of the chemical and physical properties; The refinement of product yield as high as possible. For products are fractions, remove as low boiling solvent parts and scraps from the high boiling, so as to achieve product quality indicators. Liquid product is typically heat damage heat-sensitive, so at a lower temperature to realize the refined is particularly important.

in the same way, from the economic and environmental considerations, the removal of solvent must be recycled use. Liquid products refined requirements as far as possible under the high vacuum degree, usually operating pressure under 10 pa ( A standard atmospheric pressure is 101325 pa) 。 Meet this condition configuration are: rotary piston vacuum water pump, two single claw type pump, roots vacuum pump units.

( 1) Roots vacuum unit.

the operating power is high. For the first stage pump to achieve equivalent of LH - Type 70 ph claw type pump is also swept volume of the unit, the unit with power for 20 kw, for continuous operation of the vacuum generating device, day and night, 12. The difference of 5 kw, a year, 90000 yuan means electricity gap ( Work day and night 300 meter per year. Electricity to 1 yuan per meter) 。

( 2) Plunger pump.

it must have a vacuum water pump can work effectively. When gas flows through the vacuum water pump, hard to avoid smuggling vacuum pump oil. This means of recovered solvents, cannot be directly applied or waste and environmental pollution. In addition, the plunger pump for operation and maintenance, high demand in the cold season, switch machine a bit inadvertent, is very easy to damage.

( 3) Claw type pump.

the claw type pump, pump after atmospheric recovered solvents: no problem. In addition, because its structure is good, treatment is excellent, complete accessory device, once put into use, its use requirement is low, wide range of use, long service life, convenient cleaning maintenance. When need higher vacuum, it can be easily formed as the backing pump vacuum unit.

so, in the case of liquid products high vacuum refining, claw type pump is a fairly reasonable matching scheme.

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