Vacuum degree of vacuum pump inlet is low, what should I do? - - - - - -

by:J&T     2020-05-16

import vacuum pumps in the process of operation, can appear sometimes import vacuum pump vacuum degree is low, so, appear this kind of circumstance how do we go to find out the cause of the problem and solve it? Here let's go and see:

1. Imported vacuum pump itself a flat

1, the seal leakage. Should check all the sealing parts seals, to replace the damaged seal.

2, the gas ballast valve gasket is damaged, or did not tighten. Should replace the washer and screw down the gas ballast valve.

3, exhaust valve damage, bad sealing. Should replace the air valve.

4, imported diaphragm pressure in the vacuum pump is fashionable amount is too large, lead to deformation of the vacuum pump cavity and air leakage. Should trim vacuum pump cavity or replacement.

5, because import vacuum water pump oil seal bad cause air leakage. Should be open end cover, check for sundry or uneven, and make clean or repair.

2。 There is something wrong with the vacuum pump oil imports

1, import vacuum pump oil level is too low. Should add sufficient oil to oil the centerline,

2 into dust, oil, oil quality bad. A new oil should be replaced,

3, oil brand. Should be prescribed in brand of vacuum pump oil,

4, oil, vacuum pump cavity didn't maintain the appropriate amount of oil. Check the oil and the oil valve input, keep clear of oil.

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3. Filter blocked

import vacuum pump inlet filter blocked. Should remove the filter clean, put up.

4。 Spring to distort or break

import vacuum pump rotor spring deformation or broken and rotary vane motion is ineffective. Should repair or replace the spring deformation, make the product rotary vane rotor with good.

5。 Imported high temperature vacuum pump

1, is pumped gas temperature is too high. Again after should make cooling of gas into the vacuum water pump.

2, suction hard objects to import vacuum pump body wear. Shall open vacuum pump to remove hard objects, to cut parts for repair or replacement.

3, vacuum pump, cooling water flow is not enough. Should increase the cooling water flow rate.

4, improper configuration, make the rotor axial displacement, cause the lopsided wear. Shall disassemble and reassemble.

6。 The large clearance b etween coordination

import vacuum pump as a result of processing or wear bad fit clearance is too large. Shall check, rotor, rotary vane vacuum pump chamber, the fitting clearance between the end plate, according to the regulation accuracy requirement of repair or replacement.

7。 Import of vacuum pump running friction heating

import of vacuum pump running friction heating: temperature rise too high, make the rotary-vane vacuum pump oil are thin and sealing becomes poor. Should be cooling water or use a fan cooling, at the same time, check the relevant parts cooperate with clearance and precision requirements in accordance with the relevant provisions to repair or replacement.

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