Vacuum degassing method of metal parts, in the system

by:J&T     2020-05-26

in the gas source of metal materials in the vacuum system, screw vacuum pump manufacturers metal in the waste gas vacuum system are introduced mainly from two aspects. Next, let us understand the degassing method of general metal parts.

usually, metal parts and in the vacuum system vacuum outside shell can be degassed by vacuum baking. After cleaning residual volatile impurities, the oxide and various organic and inorganic pollutants can be more easily in a vacuum to remove; In addition, the diffusion effect in vacuum environment also is helpful to remove the impurities in the metal atoms and reduce gas content in the material. With the increase of temperature, metal on the surface of the desorption gas volume and the amount of gas diffusion from the metal surface will increase. The body will increase. As a result, the metal material is usually heated to can take the highest temperature of degassing.

in metal parts for vacuum baking and degassing before, must be carried out on the surface of oil removal, clear the oxide layer on the surface, and other contaminants, then heating in vacuum degassing. Usually in 10 ^ - vacuum baking degassing 2 ~ 10 ^ - 3 under the pressure of the pa. At the same time, choose the highest baking temperature as the annealing temperature of the material. It not only ensures good vacuum performance and eliminates the metal parts. The internal stress in the process of machining. But for different materials of metal parts, baking temperature and time will be different. For bracket and spring prestressed components, such as baking temperature need to be below the annealing temperature. Aluminum parts due to the low melting point and can't bake. More than 500 ℃; For thick wall or large diameter parts, baking should be appropriately extended.

in addition, in fact, for that is commonly used in vacuum engineering of stainless steel and aluminum or aluminum alloy materials, vacuum baking degassing and glow discharge from the effect of the gas is roughly same, but stripping the composition of different materials. Vacuum baking degassing of residual gas is mainly composed of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen gas and water, and glow discharge residual gas mainly for hydrogen degassing.

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