Vacuum cooling and cooling technology is introduced

by:J&T     2020-05-29

when performing energy conversion, when the vacuum pump is always only a small part of the loss is converted into heat. It must be through the motor shell and the surrounding medium continuous heat dissipation. The heating process is referred to as cooling. In addition, when the vacuum pump work will produce a certain amount of heat. If not timely send out quantity of heat, will affect the internal parts of vacuum pumps, even with the passage of time and damage the vacuum pump. It will affect the normal operation of the fan, and even damage the fan. The following is a vacuum pump manufacturer of vacuum cooling and cooling technology of analysis.

vacuum pump, everyone not unfamiliar, but the vacuum pump can't exist a lot of oil. In fact, the vacuum pump has been widely used in many industries. Usually, will be used as the backing pump water ring water pump vacuum pump more advantageous than others. This is mainly because it can be pumped a lot of condensing steam, especially when the town gas oil seal machine don't have enough ability to remove condensate steam, or, using solvent can make pump oil variation and impact performance, or when the vacuum system does not allow the oil pollution. Therefore, not to the vacuum pump oil.

professional modified vacuum water pump manufacturers want to tell you, there are different types of vacuum pump cooling and cooling solutions, and according to the heat from different parts of the body to determine the appropriate cooling solutions. For example, when the vacuum pump of high working pressure, the temperature rise rapidly and the temperature is high. Ordinary vacuum pump need to cooling and circulating water cooling, in order to protect the fan from being damaged.

manufacturer of vacuum pump on the analysis of the vacuum pump cooling and cooling technology there are four important points:

a, air cooling:

that is, by the interstage pump or double pump suction air is compressed, and then through the combination of absorption and composite muffler transmission.

2, rotor internal cooling:

in order to make the vacuum pump work under higher pressure difference, can adopt more effective cooling method. That is, the rotor through circulating oil cooling. The ends of the vacuum unit shaft oil and oil hole diameter shaft head. From the other end of the discharge.

3, rotor oil film cooling:

this cooling method is at the entrance of the vacuum pump connecting a tubing, and use the uniform dripping cooling oil to remove the rotor heat.

4, cooling:

vacuum pump because of gas transmission and compression and generate heat, the heat must be transmitted from the rotor to shell and send out.

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