_ vacuum chamber vacuum system selected for those conditions

by:J&T     2020-06-03

is the core of the vacuum system vacuum chamber, it is customized for a particular application. It includes the application and reliably with the external isolation, or protect the environment from the influence of the internal process. Whether drying process need high vacuum environment, plasma process needs to be in the vacuum or high vacuum environment, and the surface of the study also need to be done in the high vacuum environment, vacuum chamber must always machinery from under atmospheric pressure.

vacuum chamber is widely used in modern manufacturing industry and one of the basic unit of scientific research, such as the electronics industry, information industry on a large scale printing lines, integrated circuits, and the preparation of large area superconducting thin films, such as vacuum deposition process of vacuum degree usually have higher requirements. Vacuum deposition when the air leakage of the vacuum chamber, vacuum chamber wall is deflated and air by evaporation of the material itself could lead to a vacuum rapid variation of indoor vacuum, so need to adopt corresponding measures to quickly improve the vacuum degree of vacuum chamber. At present, under the premise that guarantee the sealing of the vacuum chamber is good, with a large pumping speed of titanium sublimation water pump can be made quickly reaching high vacuum degree in vacuum chamber. Because of titanium in the process of sublimation and deposition, and the reactive gas combined into stable compounds - — Solid phase TiO or TiN, able to quickly vacuum indoor gas molecules.

aiming at the shortcomings of the existing technology, the aim of the present invention is to provide a relatively low cost rapid increase vacuum chamber for vacuum degree of vacuum system.

in order to achieve the above purpose, to provide a rapid method to improve the vacuum degree of vacuum chamber, the vacuum chamber, the high activity and good stability of metal evaporation vapour particles, and the vapour particles deposit on the surface of metal plate form a metal film, metal particles and the formation of the fresh metal film can quickly vacuum adsorption indoor gas molecules, and to further generate stable solid matter. In the vacuum chamber, adopts evaporation method, make a small amount of high activity and good stability of metal materials evaporated into steam, steam of indoor particle quickly and vacuum, the reaction of oxygen, hydrogen and other gases, water vapor, generate stable solid matter, thus achieve the goal of quickly improve the vacuum degree of vacuum chamber. Using this method to improve the vacuum degree of vacuum chamber for vacuum system, not only cheap but effective quickly.

by introducing a special vacuum system, vacuum system, in order to achieve the best configuration when choosing vacuum system, should consider the following:

1. Determine the scope of the work of vacuum

you must first check to make sure the vacuum degree necessary for the each process. Because each has its own scope of vacuum process, must therefore be careful study.

2。 Determine the ultimate vacuum

limiting vacuum of vacuum water pump system is to determine the vacuum degree necessary for the process on the basis of the inspection, because the system of the ultimate vacuum decided the best job in the vacuum of the system. Usually, the limit of the system vacuum system of vacuum degree of work that are lower than 20%, 50% lower than the previous level of ultimate vacuum.

3。 Vacuum

check the time needed for the vacuum degree required, vacuum pipe flow resistance and leakage. After considering the vacuum degree required under certain process requires the extraction rate of required to keep the vacuum degree.

4。 Suction type and swept volume

check the type of water pump and the pumping capacity, to determine process. Because if the type of pumping gas and liquid reaction of vacuum pump, vacuum system will be polluted. At the same time, must be considered to determine proper exhaust time and the amount of gas generated in the process of pumping.

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