Using vacuum pump for vacuum packing food and beverage industry

by:J&T     2020-05-15

many of the food and beverage industry in the process can be through the use of the vacuum system to optimize. In the process of food and beverage packaging, vacuum water pump can be used to exhaust, can extend the storage time of food, odor removal. Vacuum pump application in food and beverage industry: sublimation, dry, dehydrated, vacuum evaporation, degassing, deodorization, sterilization, vacuum, vacuum packaging, etc.

what are the characteristics of the

many of the food and beverage industry in the process can be through the use of the vacuum system to optimize.

in addition, in the process of food and beverage packaging, can use vacuum pump to discharge the air, it can extend the storage time of food and odor removal.

vacuum water pump vacuum packaging application of mineral water degasification

natural mineral water contain carbonic acid, minerals and iron. If iron is exposed to air, oxidation of iron can be dissolved in water, make water taste worse. Is necessary in approximately 50, under pressure from the water to remove iron, the carbides in the water, however, must first through the vacuum pump to remove, and then introduce the production of soda.

tea and spice sterilization

imported from the tropics of tea and spice was placed in the container, then the loading, usually with pests, insects and fungi and bacteria. If you need further processing, it is necessary to kill them first. This is placed in a vacuum container and the container through the empty air. Then, to the disinfection of injecting steam or gas in the container.

sausage production

in order to produce sausages, mixed meat was cut into small pieces, and add seasoning and additives. In the process of cutting and mixing emptying can prevent the oxidation of the mixed meat by air, it will affect the taste and appearance of the sausage. Use vacuum device under the pressure of about 100 bar to air. The vacuum pump for pumping is insensitive to the meat and grain together. Vacuum evaporator

in the mixture of liquid ring vacuum pump can be used to help the evaporation of the liquid substance. The evaporator is usually packed tower. According to actual use environment, vacuum water pump can be made of standard materials or stainless steel. Vacuum evaporator can be used in many occasions, such as milk processing factory of evaporator, pulp mill milk concentrated liquid evaporator, and the crystallization of chemical equipment for sugar mill of the plate evaporator.

ham production

on real fireplace, you can hardly do smoked ham. Instead, ham is made by soaking, so that we can more quickly and directly after emptying air soak meat.

tobacco products of humidifying

if there is no proper humidification, tobacco products with the box is too fragile, in the process of further processing will be broken into a fine powder. Vacuum pump is used to fit the air inside the box, add steam, sometimes join fragrances.

salad oil and fat deodorant

if long time contact, salad oil and fat can produce peculiar smell. Oxide must be removed before further processing. This can be done by injecting steam, the steam can absorb peculiar smell, and then through the vacuum equipment to remove steam.

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