Using the roots vacuum pump efficiency _ ranch

by:J&T     2020-06-04

in the past, the domestic farm using water ring vacuum pumps and rotary vane vacuum pump. Rotary vane vacuum pump prices are cheap and easy to install, but with high noise, the disadvantage of high oil consumption. Water ring vacuum pump of the downside is that it consumes a lot of power, low noise and high efficiency. In order to solve this problem, gradually improve the pasture is recommended to use the roots vacuum pump. So, what is the effect of roots vacuum pump to pasture? Let's take a look at it.

roots vacuum water pump is an important component of the milking machine, so choose the right roots vacuum pump and its work is directly related to the stability of milk yield, milk quality, rate of cow breast inflammation, milk and efficiency.

as the growth of the global urban population, the ranch requires not only in the face of the growth of the demand for milk and dairy products, but also face the milk quality, higher and higher standard production demand for animal health. Understand the challenge for the ranch, and for the success of the farm operations to provide comprehensive solutions.

milking machine is composed of milking machine and vacuum unit. Using the effect of suction vacuum unit, analog cattle ( Sheep) Sucking effect, and suck out the cow ( Sheep) The milk.

roots vacuum water pump can be stable operation for 24 hours, extraction ability, high efficiency and no pollution. Suitable for large milking equipment, less maintenance, high reliability, no oil lubrication and sealing, price is relatively reasonable. If there is no correct selection of vacuum pump, in the event of failure, the milking equipment will be paralyzed, this will affect the milking of pasture, resulting in serious economic loss. You can see, choose the roots vacuum pump is vital for milking equipment and pasture.

because the roots vacuum pump application in the farm has a very important role, so the vacuum pump manufacturers have roots vacuum pump has taken some preventive measures, hope you can remember them.

1, the seal mechanism pump gas ballast valve before closing ( Operations such as petrol town of top grade oil seal machine, such as gasoline town valve) 。

2, close the roots vacuum pump inlet valve.

3, first stop the roots vacuum water pump, then stop before stage vacuum pump. It is strictly prohibited in the shutdown process of making mistakes.

4, before immediately stop the backing pump at the same time increase the pump inlet.

5, closed cooling water inlet valve.

6, if you need to stop using for a long time, or to prevent winter frost crack, please open the water and cut off the fixed end the remaining water cooling jacket.

how to properly maintain the roots vacuum pump?

1, each running 500 hours needs a maintenance

a. Must check the belt tension, no more than 6 mm, and the belt on the horizon calibration vacuum pump and motor.

b。 Check the oil level vacuum pump gear box in the intermediate position of the viewer.

C。 On the roots vacuum pump bearing end high temperature grease.

2, each running 1000 hours needs a maintenance work

a. Perform 500 hours of maintenance work.

b。 Cleaning the roots vacuum pump pump head, had better be in front of the milk, use the heat generated by the vacuum pump operation to remove moisture, cleaning need 4 L water, alkaline or acidic cleaner need to 32 mL, rinse with water immediately after flushing, two consecutive alkali cleaning is generally use 1 time after acid cleaning.

c。 The test of the vacuum pump (containment In the vacuum degree of 50 kPa) And back pressure of vacuum pump ( No more than 5 kPa) 。

3, each running 4000 hours of maintenance work needs to be

a. Perform maintenance work 500 hours and 1000 hours.

b。 Replace lubricating oil pump head gear box, again add lubricating oil to the visual center of the liquid lens.

c。 Check belt situation, if necessary, replace and tighten belt, compression and tensile belt less than 6 mm.

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