Understand the corrosion CQB magnetic pump function and fault analysis is solved

by:J&T     2020-06-24
Corrosion CQB magnetic pump by the pump body structure parts, impeller, the inner magnetic rotor and isolation sets, the outer magnetic steel, support, motor group. Advantage of the magnetic pump is no leakage, thus solved the & other; Run, run, drip, leak & throughout; The problem. But corresponding faults are: magnetic pump is high; Entry under the condition of material not clean, easy to wear in the magnetic cylinder and isolation; Magnetic pump isolation sets of production material requirements is higher; Don't allow no magnetic pump is empty; Magnetic pump efficiency is lower than ordinary centrifugal pump; The price is relatively expensive; Use scope: the use of the pump magnetic pump working environment temperature, the motor temperature, working pressure and density of medium and the demands of the particles; Use for a long period of time, even in the mechanical parts under the condition of no damage, still can, because of the magnetic force weakened to continue to use. Therefore, the use of magnetic pump considerations are as follows: ( 1) Once installed, turn the coupling with the hand to check for the scratches. Open pump application: it is forbidden to idle running; Open the inlet valve, before driving to fill must be conveying liquid pump; Close the outlet valve; Inching electric lift machine, check the pump steering is correct; starts, the outlet valve should slowly open and stay after to normal operation of the pump, the outlet valve will be dispatched to the required opening again. Test run 5 ~ 10 min, without exception, can be put into operation. ( 2) To prevent debris into one water pump, pump inlet filter, filter area is greater than the line 3 a 4 times of cross-sectional area. ( 3) High lift pump should install the check valve in the outlet pipe on the road, to prevent the water hammer damage of sudden stop; Parking programs: close the outlet valve, Cut off the power supply; Imported closed, stop for a long time need not when, cleaning pump flow and cut off power supply. CQB magnetic pump maintenance insufficient attention lift of the cause of the failure are: transmission medium is air, the impeller is damaged, speed is not enough, the proportion of conveying liquid is too big, too much traffic. The main reasons of the lack of inadequate traffic flow are: the impeller damage, speed is not enough, the head is too high, the tube with sundry jam, etc. shaft fracture type CQB magnetic pump pump shaft is the 99% alumina ceramic materials used, the main reason of pump shaft fracture is that because of empty pump running, bearing dry grinding and twist off the shaft. Can see bearing has been badly worn when disassemble pump inspection to prevent pump broken is the main way to avoid the idle running of the pump. Bearing damage CQB magnetic pump bearing is the high density carbon materials used, in case of no water pump or pump contains impurities, can cause the damage of the bearing. Cylindrical coupling between inside and outside magnetic rotor coaxial degree requirements if not guaranteed, will directly affect the service life of bearing. Couldn't play the liquid water pump couldn't play the liquid is the common fault of the pump, its reason is also more. First check of the pump inlet line whether there is leakage, check whether the air suction tube, the amount of liquid inside the pump infusion, enough suction tube whether there is sundry jam, whether should also check the pump inversion ( Especially after the changed motor or power lines after the repair) On, but also should pay attention to pump suction height is too high. Through the above check if still can't solve, can disassemble the pump, the pump shaft is broken, you should also check the pump ring and static ring are in good condition, the rotor can be a small amount of axial movement. If axial movement difficulty, can check whether the carbon bearing is combined with pump shaft is too tight. Magnetic steel represents the power with the rise of temperature of a continuous decline curve, usually, working in the magnetic steel under extreme temperature, its transmission capacity decline is reversible, and above the limit temperature is irreversible, namely magnetic steel cools, the loss of transmission capacity can no longer be restored. When considering whether speed is enough, to check whether the speed of the motor itself is normal, tachometer measurements are available, and under the normal operation of the motor speed, can consider to whether there will be a slippage of magnetic coupling. Under special circumstances in the magnetic coupling occurrence surge ( Out-of-step) , the eddy current in every set of heat will increase sharply, rapid temperature rise, if not handled in time, will cause magnetic steel demagnetization, disable magnetic coupling. Therefore magnetic water pump should be reliable cooling system design.
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