Understand the anticorrosion chemical resistance to high temperature magnetic pump seal material should choose those?

by:J&T     2020-06-21
In industrial production, chemical magnetic pump as no leakage, environmental protection concept, widely used by users, as demand is different, also often under high temperature condition, the equipment use, must have a high temperature resistance, resistance to high temperature corrosion of anhui gold water pump valve centrifugal water pump, magnetic water pump production skilled, reliable quality, time and again by many users, again to buy, after word of mouth, fittings is complete enough, solve the trouble back at home of users. So what's the selection of sealing material under the condition of high temperature material? For the synthesis of new materials and improving production efficiency and process in chemical processing temperature continues to rise, increase in the number of ultra high temperature condition of 454 ℃ ~ 982 ℃. In the ultra-high temperature range, suitable for non-metallic gaskets material selectivity is very small. 1, what are the sealing material at present but tolerance industrial high temperature? Graphite under the temperature cannot be used or can't use for a long time; Mica and ceramic products leakage rate is too large; In recent years &co groundmass ( Aluminum silicate substrate quality water imbibition) High temperature sealing material is applied, but the lack of this kind of material is has the water absorbability, for use in most of the chemical process. Revolutionary hydrophobic magnesium silicate substrate quality ultra high temperature sealing material should be potential, proprietary design, using solvent-free process of environmental protection, unique formula, suitable for corrosive chemicals. 2, commonly used high temperature gaskets performance comparison, here's what the commonly used high temperature sealing material thermal weightlessness, hydrophobicity and tightness aspects contrast experiment was carried out. Sealing material exposed to high temperature, it is easy to be organic fiber and rubber adhesives or volatile, carbide can pass the test the heat seal material to determine the weight loss effect size. Thermo-gravimetric analysis results of different high temperature materials. Sealing material weight loss corresponding suggests that volume loss, volume loss to keep the sealing is very deadly. For gasket materials, the antioxidant properties are very important to keep the bolt pre-tightening force, once the gasket oxidation weightless, can cause bolts loose, resulting in seal leakage. For oxidation environment for a long time to also is not a problem. From manufacturing point of view, using hydrophilic materials such as mica, mica, vermiculite, boron nitride fluoride raw materials, such as, the hydrophilic characteristics can help processing, in a mixed phase can also have very good temperature resistance. However, they would be in damp environment with water corrosion, easy to cause the gasket material level of sealing and the integrity of the drop, this is very common in industrial conditions. Magnesium silicate gasket material is another significant advantage of its stability in water, namely hydrophobic. Will not only not bibulous, due to its high temperature filtration, therefore in the generated under the working condition of the thermal cycle of water or exposed to wet storage conditions also is not affected, good sealing material is stability. 主题——THEMa PURTM material ( Cutting pads 4122 - FC) And vermiculite stone quality, and the laboratory test data comparison, in extreme harsh THEMa - thermal cycling conditions PURTM shows clear low leak sealing performance. For gasket products, mainly depending on gasket sealing performance. 主题——THEMa PURTM winding gasket has long antioxidant properties not only, but also provides a better sealing gasket than other similar properties.
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