To prevent the water ring vacuum pump oil return what method _

by:J&T     2020-05-15

with the continuous development of modern industry, the use frequency of various kinds of vacuum pump devices become more and more frequent. Water ring vacuum water pump is one of the most widely used pumping equipment. However, it often caused return oil in use process, and it also bring some trouble to the production of enterprises. So, is there any way to prevent water ring vacuum pump equipment return oil?

1, the static seal shaft seal river should be strong and change in time.

2, remove the fuel tank and vent to a side to reduce oil level and decrease oil.

3, water ring vacuum pump base surface should be smooth, valve plate should be flexible.

4, will be near the water ring vacuum pump exhaust valve of oil and other oil separately. The oil level is only slightly higher than the partition wall.

5, add a tube in the oil hole, so that the oil level is only slightly higher than the inlet.

6, set the non return valve body of water ring vacuum pump, the inlet will be automatically closed when to stop.

7, set the oil pump and auxiliary mechanism, when the pump stop cutting oil.

8, water ring pump port with charging valve.

the above is to prevent the water ring vacuum pump oil method. In practice, return oil phenomenon will seriously affect the service life of pump equipment, increase the failure rate and maintenance cost, so must be timely prevention. Line. In addition, in the long time use or improper use, improper maintenance, also prone to return oil phenomenon, so these two aspects should also try my best to learn.

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