To prevent the screw vacuum pump overload initiatives -

by:J&T     2020-05-15

screw vacuum pump can bear the load of relatively limited. Once more than the load, the efficiency of the pump will be reduced, some parts will be crushed, and so on. In addition, the load for a long time, even will often damage the power circuit. How dangerous is suggesting that the load of the pump. Even if the risk caused by load so large, to reduce the load condition between the two also is inferior to prevent it. People how to prevent the mechanical pump load? Countermeasures as follows:

1, choose to pedal fully automatic pressure inlet valve

the intake valve installed in the bypass valve pipe between entry, exit and channel. The inlet in the middle of the differential pressure shall not exceed the rated current. If the differential at rated current, gate under the action of pressure difference, fully automatic open, make the screw vacuum pump inlet and outlet interconnection, and reduce the size of the entry in the middle of the differential pressure. At this point, the mechanical water pump in the basic no differential pressure under the load of work. When the pressure difference is less than rated current, the valve will shut down automatically, according to the mechanical pump internal situation, steam will be pumped away before. Contains the bypass valve can speed control valve in addition by the former pump start-up.

2, select hydraulic coupling

choose hydraulic coupling, the pump will be able to work under high-pressure difference. Hydraulic coupling installed between the pump and motor. Hydraulic coupling transfer rated torque from the motor to the pump. The differential pressure screw vacuum pump driven by the hydraulic coupling transmission torque, driven by the hydraulic coupling transmission torque by the liquid volume adjustment. In order to reduce the speed of the pump, when the pump work under high-pressure difference or separated from former pump starts, in the inner of hydraulic coupling ratio is poor, only a certain amount of torque transmission by dragging. Along with the development of the vacuum pump, steam load is reduced, and the slow accelerated to the rated speed ratio.

3, select vacuum pump electrical components to manipulate the work pressure pump channel

the channel pipe, according to the work under the pressure photosensitive resistance, such as vacuum water pump corrugated pipe, automobile relay or electric contact vacuum pressure gauge. Vacuum pump after the start, when the screw vacuum pump at the entrance of the working pressure is less than the given value, the working pressure of photosensitive resistance through the electrical equipment automatic control system for signal open mechanical pump. If the pump pipeline working pressure is higher than standard value, mechanical pump will be automatically closed.

as for 22 kw screw vacuum pump load, should prevent as soon as possible. Before the advent of the condition of load, it is not necessary to consider repair. By that time, part of the maintenance cost will be wasted. It is better than prevention, check and adjust the main parameters and parts such as well. Under the normal operation of the pump, thus fundamentally to avoid the mechanical pump load condition.

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