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by:J&T     2020-05-15

piston vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pumps, vacuum pump and roots vacuum pump through the reciprocating movement of the piston or rotate to suction, compression and exhaust gas. Piston, however, is a running parts, so the wear of piston is inevitable. Along with the increase of the number of maintenance work vacuum degree can reduce constantly, until can't meet the production requirements. This kind of pump is fatal weakness work noise, fuel consumption, high failure rate. In general, you need to set up the spare machine, it can actually increase the equipment investment and running cost. In addition, if this water pump used for pumping condensable gases, such as water vapor, will be emulsified oil. As a result, they can only be used for pumping non-condensable sex ( Air) Gas, not pumping medium with particles, which limits their application scope.

through water ring vacuum pump is installed in the pump shell with multiple blades of the eccentricity of the rotor rotation, the water inside the pump shell, formation and pump casing concentric rings of water formed water ring and the rotor blade volume change, with suction, compression and exhaust gas. The downside is vacuum degree is low; Can't use granular medium to learn; The rotor high-speed rotation is not easy to be carried out anti-corrosive treatment, so the corrosion medium can not be inhaled.

should be paid attention to when using the vacuum pump? First of all, you have to check and determine the vacuum degree necessary for the each process. Because each process has its own suitable vacuum range, so you must carefully study and determined.

in determining the process on the basis of the vacuum degree required, check the limiting vacuum of vacuum pump system, because of limiting vacuum of system determines the best job in the vacuum system. In general, the system of the limit of vacuum system of vacuum degree of work that are lower than 20%, 50% lower than the backing pump.

check and determine the technology needed to extract type and size. Because if you want to pump gas type and pump the liquid, the pump system will be polluted. At the same time, must be considered to determine proper exhaust time and extraction process of gas volume.

check to make sure the time needed for the vacuum degree required, flow resistance and vacuum pipeline leakage. Consider after meet the requirements of vacuum, under a certain technological requirements of required to keep the vacuum extraction rate.

vacuum pump selection and calculation of

S = 2. 303v/tlog( p1/p2) Is vacuum pump suction rate, including: s ( l/s) V is a vacuum chamber volume ( l) T is the time needed for the vacuum degree required p1 is the initial vacuum degree, ) P2 is required for vacuum degree ( )

in the selection or use shenzhen water ring vacuum pump manufacturer of vacuum pumps, where is the place where you need to pay attention to maintenance. Energy saving and cost reduction is the best arrangement.

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