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Tips: How to choose the suitable tap water pump for home?

Tips: How to choose the suitable tap water pump for home?


The so-called tap water pump actually refers to the general name of the water pump used to boost the tap water twice. The tap water pump does not refer to a single model or a certain type of pump, as long as it is used to pressurize the tap water twice, it can be called a tap water pump. Generally, the most typical one is a certain type of centrifugal pump or a certain type of pipeline pump. These are more common tap water pumps. As shown in the figure below, various types of booster pumps can be used to boost the tap water for the second time, and they can all be called tap water pumps.

Buying a tap water pump is actually not as simple as buying a pump. You must understand your own situation. Remember to buy a pump of a certain power according to the so-called experience or self-righteousness. It is often impossible to solve the actual water problem or even use it. There are many reasons for the factors causing insufficient stress. If you have any technical questions, purchase requirements, cost budgets or program construction about the tap water pump, you can consult us at any time, we can quickly answer or provide solutions and product quotations for you.


It is worth noting that it is not to say that a booster pump must have a good boosting effect. There are many situations where the water pressure is low or there is no water. For example, the aging of the pipeline causes the increase of the head loss; or the overall water supply of the pipeline itself is too small, that is, the flow rate is not enough. In these two cases, the effect of installing the pump directly is actually not obvious. Especially when the pipeline water supply is less than the water demand of all users, the boosting effect is not obvious or even ineffective. For example, the municipal water supply is only 5 tons of water per hour, and the user's water consumption is about 8 tons per hour. At this time, no matter how large the booster pump is installed, the problem cannot be solved. In this case, only a larger pool is installed, and then From the secondary pressurization of the pool, select the appropriate rated flow and head of the booster pump with the corresponding automatic control system and voltage stabilization device to achieve automatic water supply.


Below we introduce the following general calculation process and method for the selection of tap water pump, and these points need to be noted when selecting the model.


1. How much water (that is, flow) to use per hour, if the flow rate of the booster pump is less than your actual water consumption, when the water consumption peaks, it will also mention that the pressure is not enough. The flow should be calculated comprehensively according to the number of water users and the nature of water use. The approximate calculation formula is that the formula is Q = [m (number of people) × q (per capita daily water quota)] ÷ t (daily water consumption time) × k (hourly change coefficient), q, t, k parameters can be designed by Chinese building water supply and drainage The manual is selected according to the corresponding water use occasion. Flow calculation is more complicated and requires industry experience. It is recommended that you contact us to assist calculation. If you want to calculate the selection by yourself, you can enter the program center to refer to the boosting solutions of different industries, which have detailed calculation methods.


2. How high or how far the water needs to be transported (ie, head). In layman's terms, head means pressure, and every 10 meters of head can produce 1 kg of pressure. The calculation of the head is relatively simple. If the pipeline is not very complicated, it is generally based on the height of the floor + the headroom of 20 meters at the end.


3. The tap water pump is generally used as a fully automatic booster pump. A single pump cannot achieve the functions of automatic start and pressure stability.


4. The above-mentioned flow and head refer to the rated flow and rated head. The rated flow must be greater than or equal to the maximum flow we may use every hour. The rated head is the head that can be reached under the rated flow. However, most pumps on the market are now marked with the highest head and maximum flow, which is easy to mislead some consumers, because according to the parameters of the maximum flow and maximum head, the pump is often low in power and cheap, but the actual effect is greatly reduced Not even used.


The choice of the general household tap water pump is much simpler. If there is water coming out of the house during peak hours, but the water pressure is low, choose a one-inch (25mm) or six-point (20mm) caliber household automatic booster pump. This kind of household automatic booster pump has a flow rate of 1.5 tons/hour, a head ranging from 15-20 meters, and a power below 550w. If there is no water from the faucet at home during the peak period, if the booster pump is installed at home, the effect may not be ideal. It must be installed in a place where water comes out. It is usually recommended to install it to the bottom floor. If it is a residential area in a town, if the water pressure of only the high-rise households is not enough, first of all, we should negotiate with the entire community to solve the collective secondary boosting, because a single household installing a booster pump will affect other users who have sufficient water pressure. Of course, if the negotiation fails, you can only solve it by yourself. Then you can choose to install according to the above selection method. If it is only difficult to cool the water heater, just select the 90-150w automatic booster pump for the water heater.


By the way, if you have the water well and just need to pump the water for home use, you also can select the manual hand pump. It is welcomed by the customers. A funny exercise way to pump the water manually with your families.


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