This operation can help you to reduce the high temperature heat pump bearing wear -

by:J&T     2020-05-18
This operation can help you to reduce the high temperature heat water pump bearing wear

high temperature heat water pump is a high temperature medium transmission of eccentric circular centrifugal pump, its axial suction at the exit. Circulation medium is liquid (do not contain particles and fibers Water, heat conduction oil, etc. ) 。 With high precision, high temperature resistant, the characteristics of stable running, is widely used in high power mold temperature machine, booster pipeline pumps, boiler water recovery system, woodworking machinery, wind energy technology auxiliary heating equipment and other industries.

recently, many customers reported that high temperature hot water pump bearing wear very quickly. What is going on? Next, I'll introduce you to.

1, 2000 - After 3000 hours, should add or replace high temperature heat pump in bearing body, to ensure that the bearing has good lubricity and can prolong the service life of bearing.

2, replacing bearing, proposal within the water pump seal change bearing, and clean the carbon deposition within the impeller, enough to ensure that the flow stress.

3, most users of bearings are in the electrical and mechanical market or bearing the store to buy. Users according to the model only buy bearing, and ignore the high temperature and high speed characteristics of high temperature heat pump. Bearings must demand high temperature and high speed conditions. Suitable for high temperature heat pumps.

4, replacing bearing, also must judge axis wear. If carbon fiber packing serious wear and tear, it is suggested that the replacement for the shaft. Serious wear will lead to carbon fiber mixed with oil in the oil chamber heat transfer oil, cause loss of lubricant lubricity. In addition, the heat conduction oil in pipeline the impurities will be rolled into the bearings, bearing damage.

5, problems exist in the process of bearing assembly: factory assembly workshop in the assembly of the bearing will use a special tool. Tool for the first bearing and the bearing arrangement is different. The purpose is to make the bearing inner ring and outer ring is affected at the same time. In order to ensure the performance of original bearing can understand, many users in the replacement bearing will ignore bearing installation process. In addition, the use of special tools to decorate bearing usually due to inappropriate force during installation man-made damage to the bearings. The problem.

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