Thin roots vacuum pump _ in a vacuum molding

by:J&T     2020-05-20

aluminum alloy sheet cold work the biggest problem is the deformation of the workpiece, technical staff combined with individual engaged in vacuum pump industry for many years, custom countless kinds of vacuum solutions, thin pieces of processing technology for analysis and research, in view of the aluminum alloy sheet is not drag clamp, and in the process of processing such as large deformation problems, explore a new method of process, that is the roots vacuum pump in the application of a vacuum molding plate, there are many different kinds of vacuum pump, roots pump why choose?

roots vacuum pump is a vacuum to obtain equipment, mature technology and top grade vacuum pump ( Common have rotary vane vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump, vacuum pump, screw vacuum pump, etc. ) After match of pumps, expanded the level before the vacuum pump in low inlet pressure under the scope of work, can be widely used in industrial applications.

1。 Improve the vacuum degree

according to the general experience, after the configuration roots vacuum pump, vacuum system can be improved one order of magnitude, if equipped with two levels of roots pump, vacuum system can be further improved.

2。 Increasing the pumping speed

a pair of rotor of roots water pump didn't contact with each other, can be high speed, so the geometry size smaller roots water pump can achieve high pumping speed. Before choosing the appropriate pump combination, can make small pumping speed of backing pump pumping a large amount of gas, compared with the same pumping speed single stage pump before, can obviously reduce energy consumption.

vacuum molding is the use of vacuum suction pressure will thermosetting resin within the mold of pumping air into vacuum state, and in the fiber reinforced resin seepage flow in the body, and finally become a composite material of a kind of curing process, the process in the aviation industry, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, etc, has a broad application value. Flax fiber resources in China, it can make full use of flax fiber as reinforced material in the process of vacuum moulding process, to promote the use of renewable resources and reduce the product cost. In the process of vacuum molding, permeability is one of the important parameters of computer simulation of vacuum molding process. By the experimental method to measure the permeability value, then use of PAM - liquid molding molding simulation software RTM simulation resin molding process, explore the vacuum pressure and the influence law of temperature of mold filling time, avoid a lot of process test, for saving the cost of raw materials, shorten test cycle and the mold design is of great significance.

roots vacuum pump structure:

roots pump structure: in the pump chamber, two '8' rotor installed vertically with each other on a pair of parallel axis, a pair of gear transmission ratio is 1 belt along the opposite direction. Between the rotor, the rotor and the pump shell wall there is a certain gap between, in order to realize high speed running. Roots pump is not due to the internal compression vacuum water pump, so the compression ratio is usually very low, so in the high vacuum pump and vacuum pump need backing pump. Limiting vacuum of roots pump is determined by the structure of the pump and the manufacturing accuracy and the ultimate vacuum pump before. In order to improve the limiting vacuum pump, can use roots pump series.

compared with the existing of vacuum assisted molding, this paper analyzes the roots vacuum pump in the vacuum die forming of sheet parts used simplified, and the actual deformation of the sheet cutting process may be reduced as much as possible. Better control the deformation of the parts to improve the surface defects of existing products, and reduce the product defects from the current 40% to 10%, thus ensuring the parallelism and the surface precision of the parts molded products.

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